I got to my computer during the day today.  Until now I have looked at arbitrage opportunities in the evening.  Something I noticed is that there seemed to be more fresh sports  arbitrage bets reported by Rebel Betting.  The oldest arb reported by the software was 90 minutes old.

M y first arb was 5.7% which is very respectable.   It was on Italian Soccer and had been available for 85 minutes.  It bagged a profit of 14.5 GBP.   Just 3 arbitrage trades in total today but I had plans in the afternoon (golf) and to be honest I was quite satisfied with the day’s performance.

3 arbs

Profit 31.75 GBP

Average percentage 5%

One hitch today was that I couldn’t find the event at Betoto.  The arb was about 5 hours hold so the bookmaker had probably withdrawn the event.  Luckily Rebel Betting makes a list of bookmakers offering arbitrage odds on each event making it easy to find another suitable bookmaker.  However, that could be problematic for arbitrage traders who don’t have sufficient money to fund lots of accounts.

Make the review easier to follow by registering at Rebel Betting and downloading the free version of the software.   The next update on the Rebel Betting review will be for days 3 – 10 allowing me to bulk up my post a little.

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