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United Kingdom Election 2015 coverage starts Thursday 7th on Sky News and many other media outlets.  There have been many amusing moments in the 2015 UK election so far.  Not least Russell Brand getting involved in the debate.  Most recently he back tracked on advising the public not to bother voting and has urged voters to side with the Labour Party.

2015 could be the lowest voter turn out since the end of the 2nd World War, in England at least.  Probably nothing to do with Brand but,  a little crazy considering we’ve got other parties wanting to cause larger divides in the UK, so now is the time to vote.

Many political experts are predicting a messy outcome, with no party having a majority and having to form a coalition government with the other side.  Here is a quick back of a match box summary of the Election Campaign, leaving out the bits about Russell Brand hating the Tories, and David Cameron who thinks “he’s a Joke” (he is a Comedian Stupid!).  Mr Cameron’s obviously doesn’t expect anyone to take him seriously.

The conservatives say they have implemented a plan and it’s working, what is the point of stopping now (relating to the Economy, which definitely needed and needs fixing). The Elephant in  the room here, is the referendum on EU membership, which could have wide ranging effects on the country.

Labour said that they will do the right thing with the Economy in terms of making cuts but have not given any detail.  Balancing the books is top priority.  Experts may agree that repeating the mistakes of past Governments such as rent controls and fixing energy prices will not benefit voters in the long run.

The Liberal Democrats are much less specific on the economy, but will tax higher earners more and make cuts elsewhere, but are much less specific than the Conservatives and Labour.

The Scottish Nationalist Party could hold the balance of Power.  A party who directly wants to break up the United Kingdom.  This scenario is most likely if Labour wins with a minority.

For a more specific and unbiased review of the political parties election pledges the BBC have done a good job.

What about the political betting situation?  It’s a three horse race with Labour, the Conservatives, and either of these forming a minority government with another party.

Political polls are neck and neck but they very often are leading into an election. No overall majority is perceived to be the most likely outcome, with the Conservatives winning most seats a near certainty (and is the favourite).

A Conservative Lib Dem coalition is second favourite.

Visit the bookies to see how’s these have changed.

Who’s got best odds

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Editors tip

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