When a group of like minding individuals who share a common interest in betting on sports get together it’s called a betting club. The people who create and run betting clubs tend to have a large amount of knowledge about certain sports and have a history of betting on sport successfully. They produce systems and provide betting advise. Not all betting clubs cater for the same type of person. One betting club may differ from the next in terms of the advice provided, the sport that they specialise in, and betting systems that they trial.

Good betting clubs generally form a core of very experienced betting enthusiasts that can provide guidance and tips on betting. Most will have some form of successful betting strategy. Some will share their techniques and help provide assistance to enable members to create their own profitable systems. Due to the exclusive nature of a good betting club membership costs money. This would be why people would look for alternatives to betting clubs. Let’s Compare Bets has featured a betting club review, that will help readers make up their minds…… should you use a betting club to learn betting techniques or use alternatives.

Betting club alternatives

A good place to start would be free betting forums. There are various forums that provide a place for like minded individuals to trial betting techniques or learn from others actively betting as a hobby. You may want to visit punterslounge which is a good substitute for a betting club. A few forum members are running betting systems as an experiment. The benefit of the forum is that the selections are posted which enables members to verify the results. It’s possible to see if the post has been edited or not. Normally the foundations for the betting system are published so people can follow along and ask questions. What’s more the OLBG forum might be worth a look. Both require users to register to ask questions and talk to members.

After picking up the techniques needed for a successful betting system they can be put to the test. Some information needed for betting comes from free betting resource websites. Betting data for soccer and American football are more freely available than sports like UK horse racing.

Here are some free betting stats sites that you may want to use.

For soccer bettinginf.com is good for injury news. Soccerway.com has an clean user interface and provides data on all league results and relatively detailed head 2 head statistics. All round soccerway.com provides the best selection of information.

For horse racing www.racingpost.com is very well respected and has a very detailed post data section. Anyone wanting a substitute for a betting club when is comes to horse racing should also find websites run by influential race horse trainers. Often information can be released in advance of more main stream outlets. It would be necessary to research which ones to follow.

For tennis itftennis.com is a good resource.

For golf bettingmad.com.

This isn’t an large list. For more websites providing stats about various sports try asking in a forum for the best betting stats websites. The only trouble with free forums is that the best resources will be carefully guarded by people betting successfully using the information. That is the main disadvantage to not using a private betting club. It can be more difficult to get information and resources for successful sports betting. Don’t forget to bookmark Let’s Compare Bets or subscribe to our post via email or RSS (top right) to visit again.

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