Football or soccer betting is one of the main subjects on Let’s Compare Bets. On this blog,and,the Trading and Investing section in particular, readers will find an investigation (of sorts) of  football bet trading. With an insight into where to get football stats and how to use them. Using stats like goals for and against, corners, and recent form all go into making good football bets. Something that we have noticed when researching the subject and football betting ourselves is that it is often time consuming.  Getting the right stats can be awkward and can be complicated when it comes to analysing the information. Something currently lacking in the market was an affordable tool that brings all the information together into the right place. Then along came SoccerStorm. Soccer storm is football stats software. The creater of Soccer Storm kindly allowed our team to have a copy of the software to test drive.

SoccerStorm preview

SoccerStorm is a software tool that has been designed for studying football form. The Soccer Storm form viewer shows all the football fixtures for the day and provides vital stats in an easy to interpret way making it easy to predict which team will win, draw or score. For instance, one of the core aspects of a football bet trading strategy described on our Trading and Investing section involves selecting football matches where there is a high confidence that a goal will be scored. Soccer Storm makes this easy.

Features of soccer storm

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  • Performance index
  • Form stats
  • Over Under stats
  • Recent form analysis


The soccer storm performance index.

SoccerStorm produces a performance rating that uses a number of football stats to produce a rating. Information that goes into producing the rating includes goals scored and conceded, corners, recent form and other secret ingredients. What the rating system does is to look at each game and analyse team performance in relation to the opponent. More index points are awarded to a team who performs well against another team ranked higher than it. For example, if Man United is beaten by a team like Birmingham City, Man United would get a low ranking for that game and Birmingham City would be awarded a much higher ranking because they have beaten a much better team.

Form stats

Form stats include number of games played, wins, draws, losses, goals for and goals against.   What’s good is that it is easy to see for each team the average number of goals scored per game and average number conceded per game.  So, if there is a match with a high scoring team against a team that concedes a high number of goals it is obvious.   It is possible to click on any team in the fixture list to bring up a stack of statistics regarding a team’s performance over the course of a season.  In addition to what has already been mentioned these screens show the percentage of matches where the team has failed to score, average league points per game, and how the team has performed when playing from ahead or behind based on the SoccerStorm Team Power Ratings.  This last feature is very useful for trading the ‘in play’ market.  All the information is displayed as home, away and combined numbers: something that other software doesn’t do.

Something I (‘The Editor’) particularly like is that SoccerStorm provides a home team rating for each team, which gives an indication of the team’s strength when playing at home.  Home team advantage is something that is well documented and is often used in football betting strategies.  Some recent research by betting system experts is available in this Smart Betting Club publication (if you are interested, opens a new window).

Over under goal stats

The right hand side of the fixtures list says how many of the last 10 games have gone over 2.5 goals.  Home and away over/under goal stats are also displayed in the bottom right corner.

Recent form analysis

SoccerStorm’s form analysis also highlights matches that have teams that are strong in attack playing teams weak in defense and vice verse.  This feature is great for selecting games that will produce goals at a glance.

SoccerStorm avoids anyone wanting to study soccer storm having to manually record results. Data entry is a thing of the past.  All the results can be updated before using the software.  The only slightly frustrating thing is that you have to click a button to up date the results each time before use.

Take a look at Soccer Storm

Final word

Soccer Storm is useful software.  It pulls in lots of information and presents it in an easy to use format allowing users to make intelligent betting decisions.  Key statistics can be accessed very quickly speeding up betting decisions.  Unlike some software it does not try to predict who will win games but gives the user all the stats they need to make high confidence predictions themselves.

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