In the list we have golf, soccer, track and field, tennis, and American Football. To see these events live would be the sports event of a lifetime.   Let’s see the list.

[ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. FIFA World Cup
  2. The US Masters
  3. Super Bowl
  4. Summer Olympics
  5. Wimbledon


Best odds for FIFA World Cup 2014

Odds are already available the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014.  Placing bets in the antepost market long before the tournament starts is a great way to get good odds normally for the outsiders. The box below shows the best odds for the top nations that will be battling it out for the tournament trophy.

Get the best odds on various World Cup Brazil 2014 betting markets by comparing odds.
Best odds for US Masters Golf Another tournament which is easy to find great odds in the betting market in the months preceding the tournament.  Here's  a selection of the top players.   Best odds for the Superbowl Bodog Sports will probably have bests antepost odds for the Superbowl or possibly Pinnacle Sports.  Both of these online bookmakers sepecialise in U.S. sports.  For a quick check on the odds available compare odds using a free odds comparison service. Best odds for the London Olympics Best odds for the London Olympics will most likely come from on of the big UK online bookmaker like Bet365.  Antepost odds are currently available and are shown for the men's 100 meter sprint below.  Compare odds for the other Olympic events. Wimbledon best odds For the most famous grass court tennis tournament expect on of the big players like Bet365 to have the best odds for Wimbledown. Antepost odds are shown for the Men Final below.

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