The Total Betting Club is all about betting systems. The Total Betting Club review will show that this betting club doesn’t do tips as such, but members get access to trial 3rd party tipping services from time to time with a free trial.

The Total Betting Club concentrate on horse racing ideas and have a loads of material past and present that members can access. This is in the form of old or current forum threads or any of the archived newsletters which stretch back to April ’08, the point of the club’s inception. Some of the horse racing ideas are excellent and this is probably because there is a core group in the club who create and share ideas. This really helps when looking for that winning formula.

The Total Betting Club also look at football systems and currently have a few promising trials going on. The Let’s Compare Bets reviewer enjoyed using the football bets for bank building quests.

One of the features of being a member of the club is the ‘bank building quests’, which can be quite adventurous, but nonetheless entertaining for members. These generally take the form of a starting balance and a final target balance e.g. £100 start and £1,000 final amount. All attempts are updated daily and all of these have been archived in the members’ area. Some were successful and some not so successful but all are just as important in showing the pros and cons of various approaches. Member get to compete against one another when for building their bank.

The Total Betting Club also have a catalogue of roulette systems which are a superb place to start if wanting to tackle a real casino with a professional manner.

Members get access to the recommended betting bot and the creator of this software is a permanent member of the club which means he is always on hand to help with any questions/issues concerning the bot. It is a great piece of kit and very reasonably priced. The bot is set up to deal with specific systems focusing on horse racing and greyhounds. As the bot has been configured already takes some of the work out of it for the user, and the forum is a great help for newbie questions.

There is always a lot going on but the main thrust of the club is in finding winning betting systems.

The Total Betting Club are not too expensive at just £19.95 per month.  Members get access to everything, so just for that it represents good value.

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