The latest edition of the publication from Smart Betting Club has been attracting some attention. It’s going to focus entirely on racing. Secret betting club has been reviewed previously at Let’s Compare Bets and can be found in our review section. This post contains a press release from Smart Betting Club about the latest racing focused edition. It’s interesting to note that one of the reasons for Smart Betting Club is that it offers a different angle to the main stream media when it comes to horse race betting. In that the big players in the industry, due to their size, do have certain vested interests when it comes to the release of information about horses, trainers, jockeys, and most importantly tips.

The racing focused edition of secret betting club is being produced in addition to the normal sports betting edition each month. So it’s an extra by all accounts. The rest of this post is courtesy of Smart Betting Club. Any questions feel free to make a comment. To get more posts from Let’s Compare Bets you can subscribe for free using the two links to the top right of the page.

Maybe you are an aficionado of betting papers such as The Racing Post or Racing and Football Outlook or perhaps you prefer to take your cues from TV or the sports sections of the mainstream press. However you get your betting info, it can’t have escaped your notice that, when it comes to betting, you are poorly served by old media with its old ideas and its timidity in the face of vested interests.

The Smart Betting Club was formed in 1996 with the express aims of Helping Punters To Help Themselves by laying bare the hidden realities of pro-betting and the tipster industry. Five years on The Smart Betting Club’s monthly reports set the standard against for all progressive betting journalism. And you should expect nothing less from an organisation founded by punters for punters. They profit, not because they are reliant on ads and kickbacks, but precisely because they take our own advice.

That’s exactly why you won’t have to wade through page after page of their new improved racing monthly to find out who tops the racing tipster league table. Like you, they want to cut to the chase.
Their exclusive Best Buy Tables will also tell you who provides the best return on a £5000 investment, just who is the best budget tipster is and who offers the most value for money.

And how do they know?
The answer is because while everyone else scratches the surface, SBC get right to the heart of the industry, conducting the painstaking research themselves, logging every bet and reporting faithfully on the results.
Crucially, where they’ve been most impressed, they personally follow the tipsters’ recommendations with their own cash. What’s good for you is good for them too.

They also know what’s what, precisely because they asked our members what they wanted. Smart Betting Club readers wanted sleeker, more compact editions, designed specifically around a natural split in our membership that didn’t compromise on any of the stats and comprehensive detail that is the hallmark of our reports.

This is why they are now producing one specific Horse Racing edition each month and one specific Sports Betting Issue each month.

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So, whatever your interests are, you can wave goodbye to leafing through page after page of stuff you are just not bothered about to find the stuff you want – the stuff that will actually make you money.

It is a natural and common-sense split. The Horse Racing issue is pretty self explanatory, whilst the sports betting issue contains basically everything else with a major focus on Football alongside plenty on other sports such as Golf, Tennis, F1, Cycling, Snooker, Darts…whatever, they believe, is worthy of inclusion.

Let’s face it, if you are reading this from Spain, The States or Scandinavia, your own interest in horse racing with its predominantly UK and Irish focus will probably be pretty low. Whereas, if you are pitched up in Cheltenham, Newmarket or Dublin, there is every chance you will live and breathe the sport of kings.

And that’s no matter because the good news is that despite now producing TWO issues each month, ALL the monthly content is still covered by the ONE Smart Betting Club membership. You get both issues, access to our friendly, authoritative forum, article archive and back issues for a mere £69 per year. That’s the equivalent of just £1.32 per week – significantly less than the cost of a weekend broadsheet or a Racing Post. But hurry, this introductory price won’t last forever and new subscriptions will be processed on a strictly first come first served basis.

SBC Racing Issue – Out Now!

If you are a racing fan, then the, hot of the press, or 29-page inaugural horseracing focused Smart Betting Club magazine will be right up your street.

With a fresh new design, featuring a host of new sections, features and contributors – The SBC Racing Monthly has got everything you need to make the most of your equine betting.

In the new issue Smart Betting Club reveal:
• The top 22 racing tipsters that SBC monitor and report upon. Smart Betting Club show you their latest betting figures and their exclusive SBC reviews and ratings for each of them.
• Smart Betting Club’s new racing tipster Best Buy tables. With more than a nod to the consumer magazine Which? They tell you who tops the racing tipster league table, who provides the best return on a £5000 investment and just who is the best budget tipster is. If you want to know which tipsters offer the most value for money they can tell you that too.
• The featured racing strategy this month teaches you how to trade and lock in profits on the exchanges by picking out bets likely to shorten in price. The author of the strategy, The Sportsman’s Scott Armstrong, is also putting his words into practice free for members on The SBC forum. With £165.27 already locked in from Scott’s first nine online racing trades the test is progressing well. With a Smart Betting Club membership you can learn Scott’s strategy for yourself or simply follow him in on all his bets. The choice is yours.
• A new monthly feature the ‘SBC Interview’ introduces members to a prominent industry figure each month. It could be a tipster revealing all aspects of their own betting to help our members follow in their footsteps or maybe an insider with the facts you need to know about a specific betting topic of interest. This month – Wayne of the SBC recommended racing service Northern Monkey spills the beans.
• The new Member Focus interview is intended to introduce you to some of them many colourful and useful minds within the impressive online betting community at SBC. This month they grill pro-gambler and author of the premium 4 Pronged Attack system ‘PCB’ on his own expertise and just exactly how he makes money betting using a portfolio of tipsters and his own selections.
• There are THREE new major racing tipsters reviewed exclusively, all the latest on the best up and coming racing services on our radar. If that weren’t enough there are free strategies and tips available both to download and follow on the forum – and much, much more besides…
If Horse Racing is your preferred betting medium, you simply must make sure you sign up for a Smart Betting Club membership today via to gain instant access to all the above.

And if you prefer Football or other types of Sports Betting, be sure to watch out for the Sports Betting specific Issue. It’s coming, later this month. As the football season reaches its climax and the traditional summer sports come sharply into focus they’ll be right on top of all the action.
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