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Android has become the most successful operating systems for the smart phone.   Android betting applications allow users an easy and convenient way to access their favourite betting services.  Android can be used for various betting applications including betting statistics for football and horse racing, or just to access popular bookmakers. Casino games like poker are also available from the Android betting market.  This post describes the best sports betting applications on Android.  Choosing the right betting application is important because some applications can conceal malicious software like Trojans.

Android is a fully functioning operating system for smart phones.  In theory Smartphone users should be able to do everything that they are able to on a traditional PC or laptop.   Allowing users to make bets and check statistics on the move offering unrivalled convenience.

Android betting applications have risen in popularity.  As a result bookmakers have been reporting rising profits based on the increased use of mobile betting applications.  Generally speaking Android betting applications are free to download.  In fact some bookmakers give extra bonuses for people who want use mobile betting applications.

Concerns over smartphone use often include questions of security.  Bookmakers use advanced encryption methods to ensure that all information that passes between the phone and the bookmaker is kept secure. No login information is every stored on the phone so it can’t be stolen by hackers. Continue to get the top 5 .

Bet365 on Android

Let’s compare bets recommends Bet365’s android betting application.  It has been redesigned to offer betterbetting app functionality and usability, offering almost the same features as the main website.  Bet365 offer a generous bonus to sign up for their android application and it doesn’t matter if you are an existing customer or not.   Check Bet365 for their latest offers (opens in a new window).  Bet365 offer odds on lots of football betting markets and a wide range of horse races.  Bet365 also has a popular ‘in running’ market allowing users to bet on football games when they are in play.  So if you want to make a over goal bet when a key striker is making a run for goal.. you can.  This speed and accessibility is great for getting extra value for your bets.

Betfair on Android

Betfair, the world’s best betting exchange, also has an Android application.  Unlike traditional bookmakers Betfair allows third party software developers to make applications for their website. Generally Betfair’s own application is best for viewing markets and making bets, because it is more stable and has less bugs.  It offers Betfair betting markets via your phone although it has less features than the Betfair market.  Any people unfamiliar with Berfair should check out the Let’s Compare Bets Betfair FAQ.  The Betfair application for Android can be downloaded directly from their website.  One disadvantage with the Betfair application is that you can not use the ‘cash out’ button to close bets earlier.  The cash out button or hedging feature is essential for trading.  Any one looking for this feature should look at the Zoombet application for Android.  When there is an opportunity to trade out a bet for a guaranteed profit if it is highlighted green.

Horse racing applications on Android

Horse racing enthusiasts should consider the Racing UK and Racing Post android applications.  Both applications are good for looking at upcoming cards and getting essential information about race tracks, the going, jockey and trainer news.

Soccer scores for Android

Soccer fans may want to keep up to date with all the latest scores.  A must have app for scores in almost real time is the live score Android application from has been providing soccer information since 1988 and is an established website.  Visit this link to see what the LiveScore app would look like on a smart phone.

Android has become the most popular operating system for smart phones and has now overtaken Apple’s iPhone. One reason for this is probably that Google do not restrict who can make applications for Android phones. They just provide the operating system and anyone can develop applications. A bit like with the Windows OS for the PC. Expect the development of betting applications to continue. There will be winners and losers. The best will be published on Let’s Compare To get more posts from Let’s Compare Bets subscribe using the links to the top right of the screen.  Get betting tips to impress your friends.

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