Our friends at Betting School.com have just introduced a new selection system. The private members have been using it for a while. All horse racing Betfair betting systems rely on a trust worthy selection system. Various techniques should be used to increase a betting system’s return on investment. Here’s an example of a market information technique that uses The Racing Post forecast price to do just that.

The concept is simple. Each race is viewed on a daily basis. Starting at The Racing Post website. The Racing Post have a number of seasoned experts in the racing industry. These experts combine their knowledge to produce a Racing Post forecast price for each horse.

This selection technique hunts for a horse who has significantly shorter odds in the Racing Post forecast compared to the best odds offered by the bookmakers. As always nothing can be this simple. We’ll hand you over to Ricky Taylor at Betting School.com in the video below. It provides examples of how to use this system to increase the strike rate of a Betfair betting system.

(apologies for the sound quality – there is a printed version available – try it it shouldn’t be too bad)

That was an example of how the system works. The printed version of the video has some more worked examples.

Here is a comment from one of the Betting School members.

Hello ,
just a little note to say that since i have started using this system ( saturday 1st may ) i have picked out 21 selections . So far i am up, an incredible , 9.26 points . I am made up with it . cheers



Other videos about this method and a printed version can be found at Betting School.com.

At Lets Compare Bets.com we like Betting School because they get other members to actively participate and share their knowledge. A simple example is a comment on the video series from Daveb, that read

Thanks for that,I use this method of selection on a regular basis. I find that if you can it pays to see the on course market in the minutes before the off to confirm the horse is still being supported.

The pooling of knowledge and tips is a must for a successful Betfair betting system.

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