What are the best free betting resources? Racing Post is the only National daily paper focused on horse racing and is definitely one of the best free betting resources. Horse racing enthusiasts whether it be people looking to invest in a race horse or bet on a race need information. The Racing Post is one of a couple of websites that are very popular do to the level of information available for free or for a nominal price. Other websites that offer the same sort of information include racing-index.com and gg.com.

The Racing Post has a special betting edition. It’s a section of the website that contains a summary of the days racing. The section includes which horses are most backed for the day. There is a market mover section. Namely the horses that have moved the most in price. There are races in timed order for each course. What’s more there is a newspaper selection section including the hottest tips from newspapers.

The title of this post is what are the best free betting resources. A lot of information can be gained for free on Racingpost.com. Racing post has become a very popular resource particularly for UK horse racing and betting with many regular readers. As you might expect, something of value is not going to be given away for free for very long. The website has a tiered membership structure. Most information can be gained for free but other premium and in depth information like racing post ratings and top speed tips is subscription only.

So how do you get the tips for free?

Previously it was possible to go to the newspaper selection section and get all the tips for specific meetings. Due to the premium nature of this information it has been moved to the membership section.

What information can be used from the racing post to aid horse race betting?

Racing Post Ratings.

Racing post ratings are like any other rating system. A number of factors are used to assess the past performance of a horse in order to provide an indication of how the horse will perform under certain conditions. From the Racing Post betting site it is possible to view all the runners for the meetings for that day. Within those tables the Racing Post Ratings are published free. The downside is that the information is only available on the day of the race. The information would normally only be profitable if provided before the day of the race. Most money is wagered on the day of the race, and as such, the odds are reduced.

LetsCompareBets is an advocate of trading horse races on Betfair for risk free profit. A simple strategy of backing the horse as early as possible and laying on the day of the race guarantees a profit. The key is to close out each trade before the race starts. There could be some loosing trades, but, these should be outweighed by winning trades. Loses from any loosing trade should be kept to a minimum. If the odds on a trade start moving in the wrong direction it should be closed out (after a predefined amount).

A section of the website called tomorrows cards has some useful information that can help select horses who’s odds will move. Underneath the ‘tomorrows card’ section there are forecasts that use information from the Racing Post database to provide an indication of the expected odds. This is useful when used in partnership with certain Betfair trading strategies.

Racing post is also useful for analysing trainer statistics. This can be a useful tool for choosing which horse to bet on or trade. Form the home page click on statistics. From there it’s possible to see full details about trainers. The type of trainer can be selected from the top. In depth trainer information can be gained by clicking on the trainers name. There is a host of useful stats available from the percentage of wins, and place positions.

What about the racing post tipsters?

Well, any large newspaper or organisation will always have certain vested interests or allegiances with big business. There is no reason why this should be any different with Racing Post. Following newspaper tipsters is not really a path to long term profits. A search of a few forums reveals that people are rarely pleased with the results of national and local press tipsters. The trouble is that they are main stream. Tipsters who have large readerships move markets. It’s true enough that ‘opinions move markets’. This presents an opportunity. Not from backing horses in the win only market, but, for spotting a horse who’s odds will move in a profitable direction. When a horse gets tipped money enters the selection and the odds move. If lots of money backs a horse the odds will shorten.

Getting the tips as early as possible allows traders to place back bets in the Antepost market (in the days before the race). As money follows the tipsters’ opinion the odds shorten allowing traders to place a corresponding lay bet. The difference in odds provides the profit on the trade. A profit no matter if the horse wins or loses.

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