In the middle of all the talk of austerity packages, public unrest (Greece), and the imminent European banking meltdown opportunities to beat bank deposit rates are still here. Betting tipsters aim to generate a positive return on the subscription price by providing bet tips that give more winnings than losses. Simple!

Well betting to beat the bookmaker is never simple. There are many tipsters out there, horse tips, football tips, cricket, and tennis tips…. there is a tipster for everything. Buyers beware of tipsters with unscrupulous tactics of manipulating their results using clever marketing techniques.
It is great that tipsters often offer a money back guarantee but it’s no good if they don’t honour that guarantee. That’s why long term performance and getting some understanding of the tipsters betting techniques is useful.

Personally, I prefer to have reliable information about which tipsters are successful and have performed well. Having this information at my finger tips saves time and allows selection of the best tipsters of the moment, which increases returns.

Secret betting club is a betting club that provides this kind of service. As well as allowing members to learn professional betting techniques they provide up to date information about the best tipsters.

The secret betting club review, completed on the review section here, found that Smart Betting Club offered real value by providing up to the minute analysis of the best betting tipsters. If a tipster starts to falter members can choose another tipster to continue positive returns. What’s more there is an excellent money back guarantee and a generous new members bonus.

Secret betting club is giving new members the ultimate betting package for free. The ultimate betting package gives members a secret list of award winning tipsters for 2012. Find out who they are and how to follow them. Get more information about the ultimate betting pack.

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