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UEFA Champions League
Tuesday, 23 February, 19:45
Emirate Stadium

One of the characteristics needed to hone your skills as a sports bookmaker is a keen eye for what’s happening in the market as well as the sport.

Arsenal play Barcelona in their first game in the round of 16 after qualifying in the group stage. Arsenal will need to give them all they’ve got to show their commitment to winning the Champions League. Messi had a knee ligament injury at the end of last year and was also diagnosed with kidney stones in December making it likely that he will not be 100% for this match if he plays.

Arsenal have a good chance in this Champions League match

Arsenal have played formations that have proved troublesome for Barcelona’s Neymar, Suarez and Iniesta previously. Arsen Wenger can be stubborn with team formations, but, a surprise performance is a real possibility.

Arsenal odds may be too long and recent market history looks interesting. Furthermore, Arsenal are playing at the Emirates Stadium.

How to use the Betfair exchange to make the most of opportunity

After forming an opinion about a match you can use the Betfair exchange to act like your very own bookmaker. The odds are currently 4.4 for Arsenal to win and 1.74 for Barcelona to win. Arsenal’s win odds have gone as high as 7 in the antepost market. In expectation that the odds will shorten a back bet placed early in the market can be ‘cashed out’ at any time pre match or during the match. Perfect for the amateur bookie who can place the bet and exit before kick off or within the first 20 minutes hoping for a profit. This is the art of backing high an laying low for profit. Barcelona’s matches in the run up to the Champions League clash with Arsenal can be used to reassess you position in this market regarding the timing of an exit; preferably before the match starts. Market odds can change significantly, viz when Arsenal odds spiked to 7, so it is worth hanging some back bets in the market at higher odds in the hope they will get matched. Market history and a chart of how the odds have changed over time is available from the Betfair user interface on the left side of the match details.

Matches to watch to assess Barcelona’s chances against Arsenal include the opponents Atletico Madrid, Levante, and Celta Vigo in their domestic league. Watch how Iniesta is playing after his hamstring injury, as well as Neymar and Suarez.

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