This post follows from the main review of Bet Angel Professional. Bet Angel Professional is exchange trading software which can be used on Betfair or Betdaq. Bet Angel Professional also gives traders two extra tools that could be used as separate Betfair trading software in their own right. Soccer Mystic was developed specifically for trading football on Betfair. Tennis Trader, not surprisingly, was made for trading tennis on Betfair. Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader are both free with Bet Angel Pro. This post is a review of football trading software and tennis trading software for Betfair and Betdaq.

Football betting is the fastest growing market on Betfair due to the popularity of the sport and has brought the liquidity needed for trading on Betfair. Tennis is known to produce volatility in the odds and brings lots of opportunities to make profitable trades as the odds move. Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader will be reviewed below.

The developers at Bet Angel have developed something called a price predictor that allows traders to ‘look into the future’. It’s a tool that works out how the odds should change during a football or tennis match. This gives traders a massive advance because it’s possible to see how the odds will change, how much profit or loss will be made, and what the window of opportunity for profitable trading is.

Soccer Mystic for trading football on Betfair

The price predictor available with Soccer Mystic allows traders to plot a graph of how the odds will change during the match. Watch the video below to see how this works for the goal over under market.

Here’s another example of how Soccer Mystic can help with your trading decisions. Say, you know that Manchester City score a goal in their home games within the first 30 minutes on average. The price predictor would indicate what the odds would be at that time, allowing a trade to be opened at the start of the game which can be exited for a guaranteed profit later in the game. The price predictor also allows Betfair traders to predict what the potential risk would be for such a trade.

The predictor can be used for various correct score betting techniques on Betfair. For instance if the trader decides to dutch the correct score market for a football game the price predictor can be used to see how long you may need to wait for the odds to reach the required level to be able to increase the chance of a profit across the dutch book.

Tennis trading on Betfair with Bet Angel Professional

Tennis Trader uses the same technology to chart how the odds during a tennis match will change and what the potential risk is for making trades. Tennis trader helps to make trading decisions which will increase the number of profitable trades.

Tennis is suited to exchange trading on Betfair because the odds are volatile and tend to move at specific points during games, set, and match. Tennis trader identify key points during the game when the odds move. For example, what will happen to the odds if there is a break of serve, what will happen to the odds if one player wins the next set when they are drawing on sets half way through a match, or what’s the down side risk of taking a certain trade.

Positives of Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader

Our reviewers also found Soccer Mystic to be very useful for helping to visualise and understand what should happen to the odds during a football game. The charting tool makes it easy to see how the odds should change and what the risks are if the unexpected happens.

Tennis Trader has similar benefits in that it’s possible to model trades, to identify when the odds will change and assess what the risks of a particular trade will be.


There shouldn’t really be any negatives. The free tools are great for helping people who are relatively new to exchange trading and need to learn how the odds change during a football or tennis match. The only thing that we would point out is that the predictive powers of these tools should not be over stated. There are based on averages and assumptions of what should happen and should not replace the rules of sound trading methods.

As an added extra to using Bet Angel Professional soccer mystic and tennis trader are excellent tools.

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