Betfair Android bettingBetfair mobile has not been treating the Android community with equal respect lately.  Android owners are annoyed and rightly so considering the way Betfair mobile has favored Apple products providing more updates to the system. Users of iPhones get more features and better user experience.  Not all is lost for Android users because Betfair plan to release a fresh version of Betfair mobile before Euro 2012.

Betfair mobile is a big part of Betfair’s customer offering.  People using Betfair mobile is growing at a big rate with the growth of smart phones and quality of betting applications.  Some reports put mobile betting growth at Betfair at almost 100% per year.  Not surprise there.  People can choose between Betfair for Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Betfair on other mobiles.

Betfair for Android has not bee updated recently or any where near regularly enough to keep pace with the iPhone app.   For instance Betfair Android does not have the ‘cash out’ feature which allows users to close a bet before the event has fished.  Useful because it can secure a profit or reduce a loss if the event is not going as expected.  Most will agree that this is a good feature and sorely missed.

Not all is lost.  A great feature of the Android mobile platform is that the official Betfair sponsored app is not the only option.  Zoom Bet offer a good alternative.  Zoombet has the cash out function with a twist. Users can look for profitable ‘cash out’ opportunities across multiple selections.  As the odds move across various selections is produces profitable differences between the odds which can be ‘arbitraged’.  Other notable features include the In Play zone and live event search making accessing events fast and easy: a feature that football fans will appreciate.

Don’t wait for Euro 2012 to access Betfair on Android.  Betfair offer regular cash back offers on mobile bets to existing users.


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