In a recent article written to compare Betfair to Betdaq posed the question of ‘who has the best odds. Betfair or Betdaq?’

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At LetsCompareBets we would love to have developed a tool to allow readers to compare odds on horse racing, football, and cricket etc with a simple user friendly interface. Instead of developing a bespoke solution, which would involve massive amounts of data transfer between Betfair, Betdaq and our website, this post describes how to compare the betting odds of Betfair and Betdaq using the LetsCompareBets odds comparison tool.

In co-operation with Betbrain LetsCompareBets has an odds comparison service. The beauty of this kind of odds comparison service is that Betbrain is able to handle the large amounts of data from Betfair and Betdaq. It is presented in an easy to use format here at Lets us explain.

The odds comparison tool uses real time information from Betfair and Betdaq and presents the best odds for the particular event. Here is a step by step guide for how to compare Betfair to Betdaq betting odds.

To compare betting odds first open a new browser window by following the previous link (which will open in a new window).

In the first drop down window choose betting exchange. This will open and supply odds comparison for Betfair and Betdaq and most other betting exchanges.

Next, use the second drop down menu from the left to choose the sport, third drop down from the left for the event, and the fourth for the date. The odds comparison tool searches for the best odds for the events selected.

There are various events covered for each country for multiple sports. You will not be able to compare betting odds on Betfair and Betdaq for every possible combination because the betting exchanges will not cover them all.

At first glance it is obvious that Betfair shows up for having the best odds for a large number of selections. This is a good indication that Betfair has better odds than Betdaq on average.

To finish. The odds comparison tool is a great way to compare betting odds from Betfair and Betdaq and shows that Betfair has the best odds most of the time; but don’t ignore Betdaq because Betfair are not always the best. 🙂

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