Build a betting bank A good question. As editor I have been asked numerous times. Using my experience I would like to give our best answer to how to build a betting bank for trading on Betfair.

Let’s Compare Bets has been researching systems and Betfair trading strategies since 2006, so I believe we are qualified to give what is currently the best solution to this problem.

Many successful Betfair strategies use a large betting bank to make regular profits from small movements in exchange odds. You like us may not have the resources to do this. Read on to see how to do it on a shoestring budget.

A big consideration for how to build a betting bank was to make it low risk. Also a big requirement is that Betfair is essential to the process: to give newbies experience of using the exchange.

Newbies are recommended to sign up to our newsletter to get a free copy of the Betfair For Profit guide, which explains the process and gives links to sections of this site that explain trading strategies.

Furthermore, the method I describe needs to be quick and relatively easy. Betfair’s betting exchange has the unique feature that members can bet on someone, a team, or horse to lose (lay betting).

Using lay betting I can back a selection at the bookies and lay it on Betfair. Win or lose I break even or near enough. Here’s the cool bit. If l am a new customer of the bookies I get to keep the promotional free bet. I also get existing customer free bets to keep and mobile betting free bets to keep. Betfair also give me free bets to open an account and to keep using there service. What is more is that if you lay odds that are lower than that of the bookie you can cash-in there too using arbitrage.

This method is low risk, quick, and simple. Having used this trick members of our team found it time consuming and, well, plain old boring having to find deals, check the terms and conditions, work out how much to bet, as well as finding the event. We have reviewed a service that does the boring work for you, helping to build the trading bank faster. For a monthly subscription paid for by the first bet: Visit the profit accumulator review.

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