Multiple betting has long been popular with the betting public. Granddads far and wide have likely spent hours looking over racing newspapers and fine tuning multiple betting selections. Why, who knows! It’s probably the combination that small stakes can produce big gains. There is some work involved with getting the perfect multiple bet which probably makes it more satisfying: not to mention the immense excitement if the selections start winning. One after another, great! It’s fun. Multiple betting has now been adopted by the betting exchange: Let’s Compare Bets has uncovered the nuts and bolts of multiple betting on the betting exchange by comparing Betdaq and Betfair.

Betfair is the worlds leading betting exchange. It’s beyond the scope of this post to discuss why that is. There are other posts on the the Lets Compare Bet’s blog that compare Betfair to Betdaq. Cutting a long story short, suffice to say they got the technology right first and attracted more members. Fist mover advantage and a faithful following are some of the ingredients in their recipe for their success.

That’s enough of blowing Betfair’s trumpet. This post is here to help compare Betdaq to Betfair. You may wonder; why would you want to compare these two betting exchanges if Befair is bigger and better? As with many things, if you dig a little deeper that is not necessarily the case.

One difference between these two titans of exchange betting is that Betdaq has secretly been leading the way when it comes to multiple betting. As it states modestly on the Betdaq website ” BETDAQ was the first exchange to introduce MULTIPLE bets to exchange betting and BETDAQ are the only betting exchange in the world to offer MULTIPLE betting on horse racing. ”

How did out investigators come to find this out? Betting enthusiasts close to Let’s Compare Bet’s where using Betfair and were not happy with the features available for multiple betting. Betfair have now closed this gap by adding multiple betting on horse racing. So that bold statement on the Betdaq website is not true… that would make a scandalous headline wouldn’t it.

It’s worth noting first that when multiple betting on Betdaq and Betfair it is not possible to request odds. The ability of the member to request odds why the ‘betting exchange’ has been such a success. When it comes to multiple betting the odds given are those available on the betting exchange at the time. However, the biggest advantage compared to traditional bookmakers is that the odds available on a betting exchange are usually significantly better.

Let’s look are some pros and cons to multiple betting with Betdaq and Betfair

Betdaq multiple betting

multiple betting plus point Betdaq allow multiple bets between markets, you can make a selection on a football match and on a horse race all within the same multiple bet. Betdaq can offer a wider range of multiple bets than Betfair and most traditional bookmakers.

multiple betting plus point Betdaq has more multiple betting markets than Betfair

multiple betting plus point a useful feature is the Betdaq multiples exchange view (which can be selected from the multiple bet coupon). It enables the user to view the selections made, the current price and the amount available to bet for all the possible multiples that can be made from the selections made.

5% commission

all multiple bets on Betdaq must be win bets only, so no laying. Which is a shame.

up to 10 selections are available whereas 8 are available with Betfair. Whether this is a plus or a negative point depends how many selections you need.

Betfair multiple betting

This should be a fair comparison between the two betting exchanges and Let’s Compare Bet’s is never biased when it comes to a review, so we’ll start on a positive for Betfair. Then we’ll get on with the slating. Only joking.

multiple betting plus point With Betfair the user can lay a selection in a multiple bet even if all the others are win bets

multiple betting plus point you can also back or lay the whole multiple. Various options are available. If you have a lay multiple where all the selections are lay to lose, there is an option to ‘All Lay’. This can be used as a type of ‘saver’ bet. If one of the selections win (which would make the multiple bet fail), the ‘All Lay’ bet will pay out. That’s why it’s called a saver bet. This is quite clever really.

multiple bets on Betfair can only be made within the same multiples group; for example football multiples allowed only from the same tournament or horse racing from the same event. There are no such restrictions with Betdaq.

there are less markets available than on Betdaq

What about usability?

To compare multiple betting on Bedaq and Betfair in terms of usability is difficult. This question depends on whether the user is comfortable with multiple betting. After making selections for a multiple bet on Betfair they appear in ‘my bets’ on the right hand side. The user is provided with a list of ‘bet types’ for the number of selections. This would be helpful for someone who is learning different types of multiple bet. Betdaq’s multiple betting user experience is probably more geared to those who know a little bit more about multiple betting. Selections are added to the multiple betting tab. Unlike Betfair there is no list of bet types available for the number of selections. However, you can click the info tab to get a general description of what multiple bets can be made with the number of selections.


Betdaq allows the user great choice of which selections to choose for a multiple bet. A multiple bet can be made cross market and not just within the same market like Betfair. So if you enjoy horse racing, tennis and football, you can set up a multiple bet that will lead to a very exciting day of sport.

Betfair as the larger betting exchange has probably poured more resources into developing multiple betting. Betfair frequently offer cash back deals to existing customer on football multiple bets. Which is shown by the smoother user experience, especially for those who are learning more about multiple betting. The ability to back or lay either the whole or parts of the multiple bet has added a feature that experienced punters will love, however, to someone who wants a bit of a laugh it could be your head ache. At least at first.

To round up, Betfair is more slick… we’ve have changed our tune there. But, Betdaq offers more markets, the ability to bet between markets, and doesn’t complicated things with enabling the user to lay selections. Although being able to lay selections will be helpful to some.

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  1. Regarding multiple betting on football there seems to be one huge advantage when betting with Betdaq which isn’t mentioned here.

    When placing a multiple football bet with Betdaq you get the exchange odds but with Betfair you only get the SPORTSBOOK odds which are significantly less than the exchange odds. Am I wrong about this?

    • Yes. I think you might be right there. So the odds on Betdaq may me better for football accumulators.

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