MarketFeeder Pro is the next exchange trading software to be reviewed in the exchange trading software review series at Let’s Compare Bets. As with other exchange trading software reviewed here it offers the tools needed to make profitable trades on Betfair in multiple markets. MarketFeeder Pro shares more in common with BetAngel than BetTrader pro, in that, it has lots of tools to help with various exchange trading techniques such as dutch arbitrage, swing trading, trigger betting and ‘real time’ (or close to it) data that can be accessed in Excel format. Similar to BetTrader Evolution MarketFeeder Pro also offers a training mode where users can practice with dummy funds before committing real cash.

What makes MarketFeeder pro stand out from the crowd is the triggered betting functions on offer. Triggered betting has been set up using the power of Microsoft Excel. People relatively new to exchange trading may want to follow pre-defined rules for various tried and tested exchange trading techniques. The pre set triggers available with MarketFeeder Pro allow traders to test new trading strategies before they commit real money.

What triggers does MarketFeeder Pro allow?

A generous number of pre-defined trigger functions are available for free with MarketFeeder Pro. These are well known and tried and tested strategies, but, are not likely to remain profitable. However, the free functions can form a basis for making changes and tested slightly different techniques. These are all things that give traders an edge in the market. Free triggers can be viewed at the Market Feeder Pro website.

Review of Marketfeeder Pro, Betfair trading software

There is an ‘ auto greening up’ trigger that will ensure a profit for a trade across a whole market of selections, like a horse race. The greening up function is the common across all good exchange trading software. MarketFeeder Pro allows traders to customise trading orders one step further by allowing multiple triggers to be set. One trigger can perform an action to activate or deactivate multiple other triggers and can be applied to multiple markets.

When triggers are set the software monitors the markets selected waiting for the condition chosen to occur for the trade to be activated. Traders can override the execution of triggers at any time. Another very useful feature is that different staking plans can be implemented, for example, committing a certain percentage of funds to trades depending on the profit or loss made in other markets. Once all the triggers are in place it’s possible to test it all without risk using dummy funds.

Now, the user interface is not as polished as BetAngel Pro and doesn’t employ the user friendly modules found with BetAngel, but, the flexibility offered by triggered betting is very powerful. MarketFeeder Pro allows traders to be their own bet coder by selecting and testing basic to complex auto bot betting functions. With BetAngel Pro the trader would need to learn how to use Macros in Microsoft Excel, and possibly visual basic, or, hire a freelancer to create an auto betting bot. MarketFeeder Pro gives traders a middle ground where they can selection multiple triggers and conditions from a simple drop down box.

Positives of MarketFeeder Pro

There is excellent scope to customise MarketFeeder Pro, more so than with rival exchange trading software providers. MarketFeeder Pro bridges a gap in the market that BetAngel has not serviced by allowing traders to set multiple triggers which interact with each other by user a number of different conditions.

There is normally a good free trial period and various different subscription periods.

Various training video, for example, how to create triggers.

There is a test mode.

Negative points about MarketFeeder pro

The user interface does not look as polished as exchange trading software like BetAngel.

There is no free to use version, but, this should be a problem for traders eager to get their hands on the advanced functionality.

For some added complexity of advanced triggers is unwelcome, possibly for two reasons. If people already trade on Betfair they will use their own skills to make trades. For people new to exchange trading software they may want to learn and execute trading techniques first hand rather than relying on triggers.


MarketFeeder Pro really holds it’s own in the market because of the ability to set multiple functions and triggers with relative ease using the link to Microsoft Excel where someone else has done all the work. So there is no need to learn how to program Excel as would have been necessary with BetAngel Pro. But… the added complexity for setting multiple triggers may not suit everyone. A lot of profitable trading techniques rely on simplicity and the skills of the trader. In comparison Bet Angel pro is geared more to use of use for trading techniques.

The choice between BetAngel Pro and MarketFeeder Pro pivot on personal preference. Whereas, when compared to BetTrader MarketFeeder Pro doesn’t offer refresh rates that are as fast and probably isn’t as good for scalping on Betfair. MarketFeeder Pro has a clear advantage when it comes to creating auto betting bots for Betfair and would involve less work than using rivals. The more user friendly design of BetAngel would probably preferred if the user isn’t looking for this specific functionality. In any case there is a free trial so you can try before you buy.

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