After posting here a few times about betting on the Football World Cup I have started to realise that the information was a bit stilted. A bit dry. Instead I’m going to join the fray and start betting on the World Cup as well. Instead of providing all the interesting stats, I’m going to provide the stats and place some bets. With video footage, and all the ups, downs and tantrums along the way. Mostly I’ll be using Betfair the betting exchange. If you don’t know what a betting exchange is then you can visit the website where there are perfectly good guides and explanations to how it works. It’s not like a normal bookmaker. The odds are better and there’s a little bit more to it. Not much tho. Or, you can visit Let’s Compare Bets the main site and look at our exchange betting guide.

To wet the whistle here are some interesting facts.

There where 3 or more goals in 80% of England’s matches
10 corners or less in 80% of Germany’s matches
Maradona’s side produced 4 yellow cards in 89% of their games
Holland are good a winning corners, and win more than the other side 87% of the time
Italy score the first goal with 27 minutes in 80% of their matches.

What about some stats from the other Nations competing

Switzerland’s opponents get the First Card in 80% of matches
94% of Paraguay’s matches produce 10 Corners of less
72% of Serbia’s matches produce at least 4 Yellow Cards
75% of North Korea’s matches produce 2 Goals or less
The 1st Goal is scored after the 27th Minute in 75% of Greece’s matches

I’m not talking about betting on match results here. Lets go a little bit off the radar. With so many bookmakers pricing weird and wacky markets there’s no point risking £7 to win £1 on a match result with the likes of Brazil or England. There’s too much interest in those markets. First bookings, goal scorer and corner betting is where it’s at.

With some stats at our finger tips they’ll be multiple betting on goals, corners and bookings; in various combinations. Not to forget a sprinkling time of goal, individual scorer and handicap bets. There’s plenty of bets available on World Cup games at around evens. You can almost double you money so I’m going to forget about, England, Brazil or Spain to win.

More posts to follow on what I’m betting on and how it all works out.

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