Ante post odds are those that get published early by betting bookmakers. The phrase was coined in the horse racing industry and horse racing remains the biggest ante post market. Ante post odds can be used by those wanting to be their own bookmaker, a.k.a the amateur bookmaker. Betting on ante post odds can be used to create a sports book. In previous posts we have discussed the idea of becoming a betting bookmaker and how to use ante post odds to create a sports book. This post investigate various sports, events, and betting markets suited to ante post betting and building a betting sports book using Betfair.

The bookmakers compete with one another to get money wagered on one sports event or another. If they offer the earliest odds it serves as good advertising. Competition between bookmakers forces them to offer very early odds on some events. As more money enters a particular bet the risk to the bookmaker on that position increases, so they reduce the odds (and the potential winnings) until the money trickles in. Here lies the opportunity. One key method to making a sports book is to get long odds with a traditional bookmaker then hedging the bet if and when the odd shorten. The benefit of using ante post odds is two fold. First the odds are priced very early making difficult for an odds compiler or a punter on Betfair to know the real chances of that event actually happening. Secondly, ante post odds have a time value. Lots can happen to move odds in the period between when a bet is placed and the event. If the odds move the amateur bookmaker has an opportunity to secure a profit. Visitors should use the links below to get more information on ‘how to become a betting bookmaker’.

Horse racing ante post odds

Horse racing is the biggest ante post market. The phrase ‘ante post’ gets it’s name from horse racing.

The biggest ante post event in the horse racing calender is the Epsom Derby. There are a number of trial races running up to the final event in the summer. Ante post odds on the Epsom Derby can be found up to a year in advance. The trials become a showcase for two year old horses competing to be the hottest contenders for the Epsom Derby.

The Epsom Derby is one of the oldest horses races in the World and over the years a number of reliable betting trends have developed. These shouldn’t be ignored. For making a sports book only short odds horses should be considered. Odds for the ante post favourites can change significantly and be great for betting. The trainers websites should be a primary source of information to catch the earliest information that could change a horse’s odds and thus make a tidy profit for the amateur bookmaker (more information on methods can be found in the related posts below).

The Epsom Derby serves as an good choice for ante post betting. There are plenty of other horse races where ante post odds are available, which can be used by the amateur bookmaker. Just a note, there are lots of websites that give odds information on ‘market movers’. These are horse where the odds have moved significantly. These shouldn’t be used as a resource for choosing which horses to use to create a sports book because the information is already to old. The odds have already moved.

Football ante post odds

Another market that attracts a lot of money is the football betting market. If money flows into a market it is possible to use it for making a sports book. Here is a list of football betting markets that offer ante post odds.

  1. Tournament winners
  2. The World Cup out right winners market is the big daddy of ante post football betting markets.

  3. Cup competitions
  4. Football leagues
  5. Odds on tournament winners are available at the start of the tournament. There’s the whole season for teams to battle it out for the top and bottom of the table. The hottest action and therefore the best movement in odds happens at the top and bottom of the table. Take the English premiership, the top four spots is always a battle ground, as are the relegation places.

  6. Top goal scorer
  7. Relegation places

Cricket ante post betting
The obvious markets here are out right win markets for tournaments like the Ashes. There may also be sufficient interest in the English County cricket market to allow people to be their own bookmaker.

Tennis ante post betting
Tennis tournaments are practically an all year round occurrence. From Wimbledon to the Dubai open. There is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of ante post odds in these markets.

Ante post odds on other sports
Other sports should not be ignored. Grey hound racing is popular with Betfair traders. Grey hound ante post odds can also be used for making a sports book. Often the more obscure the sport the better the opportunity to trade of bets to make a profitable sports book. Have a snoop about on Betfair to see what’s available.

Round up

There ante posts odds available on many sports. Some attract more money than others. Although the less popular sports can still be used to make a sports book. As there is a massive choice of ante post bets available the budding bookmaker does not have to place large bets to make a sports book. It is possible to place smaller bets on various different markets to make a profit.

Where now

The related posts below offer a guide to ‘how to become your own bookmaker’.

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