“How do you go about making your betting pay?”

If there was just one area of betting that LetsCompareBets would recommend as being the one to concentrate on, then that area would surely be ante post betting – placing bets on events that take place weeks and months in the future.

Some backers have a strong aversion to any form of ante post betting
– feeling that they could end up losing money on a competitor that
withdraws from the event. Okay, that’s true – but we think that the
benefits of ante post punting far outweigh the drawbacks…

I think we’re all agreed – the main element in successful betting is
to get ‘good value’ prices – prices that are bigger than they should
be. Backers who continually get good value for their money
continually make money!

Getting that good value can be tough in day-to-day betting – the
bookmakers have all the current form at their fingertips, and
they’ve got the weight of public money to guide them in their

But with ante post betting the backer has a real chance to get
great odds.

The bookies don’t always do their homework…

Often ante post odds aren’t as carefully thought out as those in
day-to-day betting. Even the compilers at the major firms like Hills
and Ladbrokes can be guilty of not putting enough ‘work’ into their
prices for an event that is months away – and punters can often pick
up very tasty prices right from day one.

And once the odds are up, compilers frequently take their eye off
the ball – and fail to update them in the light of what happens
after the odds have been published.

Here’s an example of that – last season Tottenham were a strongly
fancied contender for football’s UEFA Cup – but because of the
pressures of the playing schedule manager Harry Redknapp quickly
became disillusioned with the competition, and told the media that
it was ‘a pain in the neck.’

Harry’s sentiments made it perfectly clear that his team would not
be giving the UEFA any sort of priority in their plans. Yet
compilers failed to change the UEFA Cup prices for Tottenham’s UEFA
opponents! This allowed backers to take advantage of some of those
‘good value’ prices we’ve been talking about.

And there is another great ‘plus’ frequently found in ante post
betting – the ability to trade your bets in into ‘can’t lose’

Let’s say you’ve taken 20/1 about a player or team or horse winning
a certain event – and over the weeks or months the price of your
selection comes down to 5/1. Then it’s easy to go onto a bet
exchange and offer other backers a bet at 5’s. This means that you
have a ‘free bet’ at 15/1 on your fancy – and your money back if it

Opportunities like that seldom come along in day-to-day betting.

I’m going to take my own advice here – and in our get-together on
Friday I’ll have a tasty-looking ante post wager all ready for

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