Latest Betfair advertising get pulses racing. The latest Betfair bookmaker promotions are being advertised on womens volleyball palyers back sides…

great! The Volleyballers’ Zara Dampney and Shaune Mullin have allowed Betfair to advertise on the backs of their swimsuit bottoms in a sponsership deal.

The clever bit is that the barcode on the back of the swimsuit bottoms, when photographed with a smartphone, takes the user to the Betfair wesite to claim a free bet promotion. At Let’s Compare Bets our opinion is that this will be a great hit with guys many but women a alike.

Betfair free bet
Womens' volleyball meets Betfair

Betfair’s opinion is that there’s a big interest in beach volleyball. They didn’t mention that it’s womens beach volleyball (can’t remember there ever being much interest in mens beach volley ball). There’s not wonder that Betfair wants to grab the attention of the male fans as most Betfair members are male.

The bar codes are known as quick repsonse codes and allow potential customers to claim the latest Betfair promotions.

Some detractors including feminists say there’s a real lack of seriousness in womens sports. We’re sure Zara and Shauna wouldn’t have agreed to let their backsides promote Betfair if they agreed. A question that could be raised is that should these women been seen as athletes or walking advertising billboards. One things for sure, they’ve got great backsides.

In any case its good fun, but, if you want to get your hand on a generous Betfair promotion unrelated to womens volleyball players buttoms then it’s worth checking out their latest promotions.

Betfair sponsors ladies beach volleyball.
Here's another cheeky one!

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