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An email hit our inbox recently.  Regular readers will know that we’ve posted about scalping on Betfair and have reviewed Betfair trading software at Let’s Compare Bets.   When it comes to bet trading on Betfair using scalping techniques one software provider performed very well and was reviewed favourably.   Bet Trader from Racing Traders is the software, and they have just released a new version called Evo (short for Evolution) 4.

What our reviewers like about Racning Traders is that it has been designed for scalping on Betfair and was possibly the first Betfair trading software to come to market.  Bet Trader was created by a guy who had experience of trading financial markets in the city, and decided to use the same techniques for trading odds on Betfair.   Any way, we don’t want this to turn into a unashamed advert, but, here’s a quick run down about what we like about Bet Trader.

It’s designed for scalping making it easier and faster to make scalp trades.  It’s unique compared to it’s competitors due to the features available in the free version, and the fact it has a training mode.  Also, price is a plus point.   Bet Trader evolution has evolved.  There has been a major update of Bet Trader Evolution.

Evo 4 is currently in Beta testing.  A soft release is planned for the new software on the Bet Trader forum next week and Evo 4 will be available the following week.  So what’s new?  After the success of the Training Mode,  Racing Traders have developed a Sports Mode.

Sports Mode

Sports mode is a third mode to sit along side the current Ladder and Grid modes.  They don’t want to give away to much right now but it includes a multi-market betting mode.

Along side sports mode Racing Traders have fixed many bugs, introduced full cross matching, background tabs now update live and they have one click betting on the grid and in sports mode. We have also made EVO compatible with I.E.9.

Free Trial

Keep an eye on the RacingTraders forum if you want to grab this software early. There’s a free trial and various pricing options.

We will launch EVO Sports Mode for free for the first couple weeks so if you are currently using EVO as a free user you can give sports mode a try.

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