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Time to focus on an interesting part of the English Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur, have they got a better chance of winning the Premiership Title than bookmakers think?

Let’sCompareBets.com believes Tottenham is under appreciated. Although one of the best clubs in the financial sense, not overspending, not over extending the club’s balance sheet to get star players, and generally producing a consistent standard of football. The problem is Tottenham haven’t won a premiership title since, well, ever. Considering Tottenham Hotspur where one of the founding clubs of the Premier League it’s got to be one of football’s great mysteries. They’ve had good managers and good players but dogged by mid table seasons up until the late 2000’s improving to a cluster of top six positions since 2009, including getting into the top three on three occasions. Perhaps there is something of a psychological block preventing them getting their hands on the trophy. This is no doubt why bookmakers have marked the club down.

The trend is improving and their position in the table has been creeping higher. What’s more they’ve got Jose Mourinho a three time premiership title winning manager. Due to the Pandemic Premiership matches are running behind so there’s all to play for.

So what’s going to tip the odds in Tottenham’s favour?

In order of importance….

After 7 years Gareth Bale is coming back to North London. He’s got history at Tottenham and it’s just a case of will the move be permanent or not. After falling out with Zinedine Zidane Real Madrid want to cut ties with the Welshman. Tottenham are not going to let this bargain pass them by. Bale’s move is being penned for £70M less than Tottenham sold him before 7 years ago!

If Gareth Bale’s move back to Tottenham Hotspur does not improve the club’s chances of winning the Premier League who knows what will.

A prolific attack and good defensive record.

Gareth Bale, Harry Kane, Heung-min Son, and they are searching for strikers in Europe looking to foster the next Gareth Bale. Carlos Vinicius has recently joined Spurs on loan from Benfica. Vinicius being touted has a good play maker and excellent partner for the likes of Kane.

Tottenham Hotspur are second in the table but fourth as priced by bookmakers. One point shy of Leicester City and level pegging with Livepool FC on points in the table. Defensively looking strong having only lost once.

What might cause this mismatch between odds and current position in the table? Premiership matches are running behind so it’s still early in the season. What’s more Liverpool and Man City are certainly the favourites. Liverpool have odds of 2.76 on Betfair to win the title, and, Man City odds of 2.78.

Tottenham is priced similarly to Chelsea; Tottenham has odds of 11.5 to win the title and Chelsea have odds of 10.

Is there are opportunity here?

Yes, two opportunities.

We’re early in the season. What will happen if Tottenham pull together and the factors mentioned above cause Tottenham to have a run of good results? Odds of Spurs winning the 2020/2021 Premiership Title will shorten. That’s not to say that they chances of them winning the title will increase necessarily, because it’s expected that Liverpool and Man City will also be doing well. Should either of these competing clubs have a run of poor results you can expect Tottenham’s odds to shorten significantly. 

Betfair’s cash out tool gives members unrivaled flexibility by allowing patrons to enter a bet at higher odds and exit the bet (cash out) at lower odds – handing members a nice profit.

Members can set up stop loss on the bet. If things don’t pan out as planned for Tottenham members can exit the bet with a small loss.

Here are reasons to be interested in Betfair.

There is a cash out tool. It’s a betting exchange so the odds are good. Punters can set up fun and interesting bets to back their opinion on what’s happening in sports.

Last but definitely not least…. punters can set up risk free bets. Yes that’s right. The holy grail of betting you might say. It is not secret, check out the Let’s Compare Bets.com review of Profit Accumulator.

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