Members asked and they listened. Profit accumulator have given Acca Catcher and Matcher Catcher to platinum members for free - Lets

When I was first told about Profit Accumulator it struck me as being a easy way to get into matched betting. Profit Accumulator provides members with all the information they need to get a nice income from collecting bookmaker promotional offers. Our original review of Profit Accumulator can be found here.

As a member you will be given all the information you need to collect your free bet offers. What we liked about the service is that they teach you how to do it, and tell you which bookmakers to use and what offers are best. Having done this personally I got frustrated with the amount of time taken reading all the terms and conditions that accompanied the betting offers. Find events to bet which where covered by the promotional offers which had close odds available to lay on Betfair is also labour intensive. Put simply, it’s sooo boring. Anyone who hasn’t learned about his should take a look at the original review.

So what’s new at Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator got some software engineers on the case to develop web apps to help members make life a little easier. The problems was that these apps where available only to Platinum Plus members at an additional cost of £9.99. After listening to feedback from members both Acca Catcher and Match Catcher web apps are given to Platimum members at no extra cost. Great news and worthy of a post here.

What is Acca Catcher and Match Catcher

Acca Catcher and Match Catcher are apps that run in your web browser available from the Profit Accumulator service, which compliment the service. Problems experienced by existing members include having the odds of certain bets changing quickly even before they’d got their bets on. Creating a delay and decreasing profit.

When a betting trade has been identified between the bookmaker using the free bet offer and the betting exchange (normally Betfair) members still have to use the calculator provided to work out what stakes to use.

Members who decided to find their own events to bet on soon found out how time consuming it can be find the event, and how difficult it is to get the best odds before they move.

Match Catcher now does most of the work. Some members have reported it saving them 40% of the time it would normally take. Someone who spending 1.30 hours setting up offer refunds on the Channel 4 races on Saturday morning could get the time down to 40 minutes.

Match Catcher sources the horse races, football matches etc, with back and lay odds that are close to each other (something required for matched betting). Users can enter a max loss size for each trade depending on how you like to do it.

All the information such as the event details (quite often horse races due to the number of offers), bookmakers providing the offers, odds, and lay stakes are all provided in the software. It knows the maximum bets sizes and the T&Cs for each offer. There is also a manual calculator built in allowing uses to double check their trades.

Channel 4 racing offers are made each weekend, there are mid week offers and larger racing festivals like Cheltenham and The Grand National. No more stress getting all the bets down with Match Catcher for big events where there are lot of offers.

What’s more you get an email alert or a beeping sound through your headphones when the software finds the bet trades in accordance with the parameters you set.

Before match catcher the previous method of getting betting offer refunds deals matched was by using Odds Monkey (an odds search engine) or similar service and by checking the ‘close matches’ forum.

We have reviewed other betting software on the site, but, this software is quite different because it is provided to help compliment a betting service that is already making money for users. It’s just making it easier.

Acca Matcher also scans trilions of bookmaker odds for accumulator bets. Finding users thousands of profitable accumulator bets. Anyone who has set up accumulator bets will now how long it can take, so this is a nice addition to the Profit Accumulator service.

This industry leading software gets 5 stars, because it’s free.

Visit Profit Accumulator to find out more.

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