As footballers get lambasted for partying to hard, being to tired to play international football, and, creating scandals with their infidelities the Let’s Compare Bets Big  correct score betting experiment comes to an end.  It’s the end of the premiership football season.

Following the start of this foray into correct score betting on Betfair , £17 goal betting enthusiasts signed up to Betfair, to follow the experiment.  A  total of 3059 was wagered, which is great to see.  Since the video below was recorded a further 16 people have joined and the total amount bet has increased to £29983.  It is great to see Betfair being used as a place to experiment with betting systems.  The superior odds, and flexibility makes it a no brainer for punters when compared to traditional bookmakers.

What conclusions can be drawn from the correct score betting experiment?

Our researcher, A.K.A, the professor found that the system works relatively well in UK Premiership games.   No so with international games.  This is some what of an understatement.  After a modicum of success The Professor got carried away and proceeded to destroy the betting bank by making two many wild goal bets on European and South American football.  The results could have been much better if he stuck to the Premiership.

The Professor’s results weren’t great but lets hope that 33 people who signed up to Betfair for goal betting followed the rules and had more success.  It’s not all bad news, some of the highlights include the introduction of total goals betting.  Specifically laying the 7 or more goals result.  The discovery of the ‘cash out’ button was also a positive.  It allows bets to be closed out for a profit or a loss before the conclusion of the game.

What went wrong?

The Professor placed too many bets and got carried away.  Betting on Colombian Football and The Copa Libertadores was never going to be a good idea and it resulted in very damaging loses.  Yes The Professor is an idiot!  Although acting like he did has highlighted some important aspects to using a correct score betting system or any betting system for that matter.   Uppermost of which is taking the psychology of the person following the system into account.  The Professor got carried away and ended up gambling by making some ridiculous bets.

Hard lessons have been learned by The Professor.  Here they are.

Number 1

Follow the rules.

Number 2

Follow the rules

Number 3

You’ve guessed it,   follow the rules.

If anything was going to be added for number 4 it would be keep it simple and repeat what works.

To finish the correct score betting system is backed by some relatively good theory.  It was meant to be an experiment and to provide an insight into goal betting on Betfair.  It has achieved that aim and more.  After the trials and tribulations of The Professors attempt, followers of Let’s Compare Bets will know what mistake not to make.  The experiment has also provided a framework to use for anyone looking to create or improve their correct score betting.

To learn the rules that have been tested in the correct score betting experiment visit the other posts in the goal betting section.   Subscribe to Let’s Compare Bets by using the buttons to the top right to get more posts about goal betting (where is says ‘subscribe by email’ and ‘subscribe to RSS’ .  As the Premiership football season is over the next project is to research horse race betting on Betfair.  Expect to learn about a lay betting system and how to trade horse race odds on Betfair using free software.  We’re excited about his one [experiment] because it involves using covering bets to ensure that loses are always kept to a minimum.

To learn about Betfair and the features that will help with betting on goals, horses or whatever visit the website (the link directs visitors to the promotion page first).  There some videos and guides that give the basics quickly. Sign up is required to get access to all the videos and tutorials.  Alternatively Let’s Compare Bets have done a Betfair FAQ.

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