Bayer Leverkusen enter this UEFA Champions League game as favourites having not lost in the last 5 matches played.  This game looks like a good game for swing trading the draw on Betfair.  This swing trading strategy was described previously.  A crucial factor of any successful betting method is good selection.  Betfair traders know there will be winning trades and loosing trades.  Carefully selecting football games to trade on Betfair massively tilts the balance of probabilities in the traders favour.

Swing trading the draw is a common trading strategy on Betfair.  To make it work traders need to follow some simple rules.  From the swing trading post linked earlier readers will see how to select games, and when to exit a trade.  Why does Leverkusen vs Genk (Tuesday 6th December) look like a good game for trading?  Bayer Leverkusen Vs Racing Gent

Leverkusen starts the game as favourites but they do not play at home.  The stats indicate that Leverkusen is strong in attack and Genk are weak in defense.  This information points to Bayer scoring first.  If the favourite team scores first the draw odds will swing in a profitable direction producing a profitable trade.

Genk really don’t look likely to score first. The team has scored the fewest number of goals of any team in the Champions League this season and have conceded the joint most goals.

Negative points for this trade include;

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  • Leverkusen are top of the group and will go through to the last 16 regardless of who wins this game, but win would increase Leverkusen’s chances of getting a lesser opponent in the next round.
  • Genk have drawn their last two home games and they have a relatively strong home team advantage.


Traders should lay the draw using Betfair trading software like Bet Trader, wait for Leverkusen to score, then green up for a profit. Bet Trader has a hedging button that automates the process of making a corresponding back bet on the draw to guarantee a profit no matter who wins the game.  Don’t worry if there is no time to trade this game, there will be many more opportunities.  Novice traders need an account with Betfair to start swing trading odds.

The trade should be closed for a profit as soon as Leverkusen score.  Follow the link at the start of the post to learn what other outcomes are possible and how the trader should react.  Subscribe to these posts to get more bet trading tips from Let’s Compare Bets by using the links to the top right.

Due to the reasons stated above only a small proportion of the trading betting bank should be risked.

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