Now the Premiership football season is underway there are some reliable stats and results appearing.  Here are some of the best games to trade on Saturday 26th October.

Goal prediction of Crystal Palace 1 v Arsenal 4 are common for the upcoming away match for the Gunners.  And not so unlikely either.  Based on league position and recent form Arsenal are very likely to win this match.  This gives us a great starting point.  Goals are also very likely, and lots of them.  Arsenal are right at the top of the Premiership and score an average of 2.3 away goals per match, and only concede an average of 1.  A 19th position Crystal Palace concede an average of 2 goals when then play at home and score just 1.   They (Palace) also concede more corners than the Gunners: Arsenal also makes 100% more shots on target than Palace.   Some confident predictions can be made of this game.

A good trading strategy would be to wait 5 – 10 minutes and lay the draw, then wait for goals to arrive.

A quick note on Aston Villa V Everton.  Neither team has been scoring very highly and concede the same number of  goals on average per match.  The average time of the first goal is over 30 minutes.   Everton score marginally more goals than Villa, but, that doesn’t change the fact that a draw is quite likely in this game.  Bet traders don’t care if there is a draw or no draw,  the reason this game is interesting is because the odds movement can be traded within the first 30 minutes.  Draw odds should steadily decrease as the game progresses with out a draw.  Profits can be made by backing the draw at the start and laying the draw after 15 minutes.  Keep tight control of risk on this one because Christian Benteke could come back with a blast after returning from a hip injury.  His heart might not be in it if you believe rumours that spurs might pouch him.

With Rooney coming out all guns blazing we’d wager that Man United steal a goal from Stoke City at the weekend making it Man United 1 and Stoke City 0.  Might not be worth trading though.

Southampton V Fulham is set to be a low scoring match.  All of The Saints’ games have gone under 2.5 goals this season.  Fulham produced less than 2.5 goals in 75% of their matches.   This game is worth backing an under 2.5 goal result, waiting for 20 minutes then trading out for a profit.

Some excellent opportunities for Betfair trading.  Any one looking for straight betting odds on these matches may want to try Bet365 who have good handicap odds and score draw odds for these games.

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