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In a recent post we described a Betfair trading strategy that involves trading the draw in the match odds market. It’s simple, if a goal is scored the odds swing. The trader lays the draw first and backs at a higher price. This guarantees a profit. Get the match selection right, and profitable trades will outweigh unprofitable ones. The result…. regular trading profits. Here’s a quick recap of the tools to use and selection techniques.


Swing trading tools

Good Betfair trading software is essential.  The primary function required is the hedging button.  It’s called greening up and allows the trader to secure a profit.  Our traders prefer Bet Trader from Racing Traders because it’s free. Paid subscriptions are available for more speed (which is necessary later on).

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Selection process

Using football stats like goal difference, goals for, and goals against it’s possible to predict which games are likely to produce goals.  Check the original article to get details of using football stats to select which matches to swing trade.


Here are some premiership games that are worth more attention.  Check the stats to see if they are worth trading.

Everton v Wigan – Sat 17th Spet, 3pm

Everton are great a winning corners more than their opponents playing at home.  What stats go in Everton’s favour?  They enter the game as favourites, they have averaged more than 3 corners compared to their opponents at home, and they won their last home game against Fulham.

Bolton v Norwich – Sat 17th Sept, 3pm

All of Bolton’s games have gone over 2.5 goals so far this season.  An average of 4.5 goals per game.  What’s more Norwich have scored in all the away games so far.

Man Utd v Chelsea – Sun 18th Sept, 4pm

Wayne Rooney is on fire this season.  He’s scored 8 goals so far this season and back to back hat tricks against Arsenal and Bolton.  What’s more there has been a goal from Wayne in every Premiership game so far in 2011. This games deserves more attention.  Most of Chelsea’s games and all of Man U’s games have produced plento ‘O’ goals so far this season.

Before trading don’t forget to check the original draw swing trading post to get information about entry and exit points. Subscribe to Let’s Compare Bets to get more Betfair trading tips (top left).


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