Daniel Finkelstein’s Fink Tank predictor was blogged about on the thetimes.co.uk for some time.  The Fink Tank column in The Times gained some notoriety, with positive and negative reviews.  Some say that the Fink Tank has fallen to the tyranny of numbers.  I disagree.

Produced by Decision Technologies, the Detech Predictor has some features which make selecting football matches for Betfair trading easier.  As a Betfair trader I already use football stats to help select the best games to trade and focus on goals scored, goals conceded and home side advantage as key stats to choose matches to trade on Betfair.  Fink Tank takes the scientific approach to pre match analysis to the next level

In particular the this weeks predictions area is useful because it give me an ‘at a glance’ look at up coming matches with home and away win probabilities.  More importantly there is a prediction for goal difference.  Any match with a high probability of a large goal difference is going to be a good match for lay the draw trading on Betfair. With Fink Tank I can choose any game and select a prediction for goal difference.

Goal difference predictions are produced using some ‘above my head’ statistical techniques.  It’s based on the fink tank rating systems.

Goal difference and win predictions are available for the Premier League, English Championship, English League 1 and 2, and Scottish Premiership.

The next Premership game worthy of trading, using Finktank, is Tottenham vs Wigan.  Tottenham have a 70% chance of a home team win.  There is a 24% chance of a goal difference of 1 and a 21% chance of a goal difference of 2.  Considering Tottenham’s recent positive form and the stats above it’s a good game to trade.  Don’t forget that Jermain Defoe is a key player for Tottenham. If he is not playing for some reason think twice 🙂  Other games with high predicted goals difference include Swansea vs Chelsea.

Read this blog to get details of how to trade football games on Betfair or try out Betfair trading software for free to boost your results.

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