Betfair trading Euro 2012Taking the decision to trade odds on the Euro 2012 Championship should be taken with great care.   As far as using stats to help make bet trading decisions there just isn’t enough past evidence to support high confidence trades.  With  tournaments like this so much comes down to luck.   Trading Euro 2012 markets should only be carried out by using detailed analysis carried out by services that have put in the time and effort to give traders the edge.  A handful of friendly games is just not enough for novices to assess team form going into the tournament.

Goran Trpevski who is an es-Sweden U21 international is a person who can help with trading Euro 2012 games on Betfair.  He advises on traditional pre match markets but more importantly has a good in-play service providing advice and recommendations as matches take place.  In play advice helps traders identify pivot points where odds have reached value territory and have high change of moving in a profitable direction.

Goran was interviewed recently by Secret Betting Club along with various other tipsters who offered free tips for the tournament.  The report is free and definitely worth reading.

For traders who want to trade the tournament without getting some advice from tipsters may want to consider draw markets for trading and under over / goal markets on certain games.

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Matches that could be suitable for draw betting would be where the top two teams of each group play the bottom two teams of each group.   Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before placing a lay bet on the draw and wait for the favourite to score.  A simple strategy.  Consider the previous form of each team as the tournament progresses.

Consider trading matches with very low odds on over 2.5 goals. Make an assessment of whether the low odds are too low.  Lay over 2.5 goals in the first minute of the match and trade out for a profit after 10 – 15 minutes. For guidance on when to close the trade read some of the article in the  bet trading section (on the right).

As a last note the English team often tends to get overrated by fans and bookmakers.  Lay odds for certain games should offer value.   Win odds for England will increase during a game if no goals are scored by England after 30 minutes giving traders who place a lay bet on England at the start of the match an opportunity to make regular profits.  A strategy that should only be done against strong opposition (France or Sweden in Group D).

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