Football draw trading update. Let’s start with some preparation. Investigating form by looking at goals for and against, home side advantage, goal difference and recent form. Possibly quite a boring job but luckily our trader has got some handy software that makes it a bit easier (more to follow when Lets Compare Bets does a review). What games did our trader trade? Man City vs Everton, Rennes vs St Etienne, and OB vs FC Midtjylland. This technique of trading the draw of football matches was described first in the post about trading the draw on Premiership football games.

Man City Vs Everton

Man City where the favourites and had the home team advantage. In the premier league Man City have scored an average of 3 goals per game and Everton have conceeded an average of 1. It’s no suprise that the game ended 2 – 0. After the first goal the trader could have traded out the bet for a profit but decided that Man City where dominating the game, so decided to sit tight and wait to see what happened. Sure enough another goal scored and a winning bet. The trader let the bet run for maximum profit.

Allowing a bet to run is a risky strategy. For instance, the game of Rennes vs St Etiene, ended 1 – 1. Rennes scored in the first have and St Etiene equalised later in the second. This would have caused a nasty loss and an even bigger one if the bet was allowed to run to the end of the game. It is very difficult to judge a game and decide if the winning team will end up scoring another goal. Factors that can be taken into account include width of play, possession, accuracy of crosses, corners and intensity of play.

Out advice, don’t bother and just trade out for a profit as soon as a goal is scored. Simple. Keeping it simple is a very important thing. Don’t get greedy.

So moving forward what games look tempting?

Bayern Munich Vs Manchester Ciy, Tuesday 27th September. Kick off: 1945 BST

Bayern Munich have a 5 game winning streak behind them and enter the game as favourites. Man City have not failed to score a goal in any of their games. There a very good chance there will be goals.

Manchester United Vs Basle, Tuesday 27th September. Kick off: 1945 BST

Swing trading the draw, Man United V Basle, on Betfair

Manchester United host the game against the Swiss side Basle. Man U have a big home team advantage and a good score scoring record. However they do enter the game with some injury problems. Key players are missing in attack for United, such as Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez. Man United also have some injury problems in defense, with Nemanja Vidic staying on the bench. That said, Basle have a five match unbeaten run. On average, 7/10 Man United’s and Basle’s matches end with over 2.5 goals. So expect goals.

Rangers Vs Kilmarnock, Tuesday 27th September. Kick-off: 1945 BST

Rangers and Kilmarnock average more than 2.5 goals in 7/10 of their games. Kilmarnock are the favourites and playing at home. At home Kilmarnock score an average of 2.4 goals per game. Kilmarnock concede an average of two goals. These look like good stats for making a draw swing trade. What’s more Rangers should get a lift from the return of captain David Weir.

The only thing here is that all the above games kick of at the same time. Our advice concentrate on one or two games. Our trader will be trading Bayern Munich Vs Manchester Ciy, and, Rangers Vs Kilmarnock. As soon as the first goal is scored the trade will be closed. If the underdog scored fist and the odds do not move into profitable territory the trade will be closed anyway reducing the chance of large losses. To get more update save Let’s Compare Bets as a favourite (Control D) or subscribe using one of the links top right.

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