Premiership football is good for football trading on Betfair because stats for the games a easily available.  Games that look like there will be an obvious winner with a clear favourite works well with trading the draw.  A lay bet is placed on the draw which is ‘greened up’ later when the favourite takes the lead.  Trades are made using Betfair software.

Obviously the favourite doesn’t always take the lead.  Using a stop loss strategy trades that don’t go to planned can be exited quickly for small or no loses.  The stats used to select the best Premiership games for bet trading help reduce loosing trades.

Here is our latest football trading tip for Premiership football.

Arsenal vs Aston Villa – draw swing trade Sat March 24th

Arsenal have won their last 5 games.  They score 2 goals per game on average and concede less than 1 goal per game.  Whereas Aston Villa concede 1.45 goals per game and only score 1.35 goals.

Arsenal win almost double the amount of corners that Aston Villa does, and, concedes less than half the number of corners that Aston Villa does.

Arsenal get possession for 60% of the time and Villa 40% of the time.  Arsenal is 3rd in the Premier League and Villa is 15th.

High confidence football trade

Using Betfair trading software a high confidence swing trade looks likely.  Lay the draw and wait for Arsenal to take the lead.  If Arsenal dot not score first trade out for a small loss or wait until the odds get to evens before exiting.  If Villa score it’s unlikely the trade will be profitable but it might reach evens  after 10 – 20 minutes.  If the underdog scores first the market will expect the favourite to score which make a draw more likely.  As such, the draw odds will not increase straight away if the underdog score first.

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