Tottenham V Wigan, 3rd November, looks like a good game for trading on Betfair.  Jermain Defoe missed a boat load of opportunities to score last time against Southampton.  Not something he will be making a habit of, no doubt.  They still won away to Southampton.  At home Defoe must be relishing a visit from Wigan.

Lambs to the slaughter… Tottenham average 21 shots per match at home….not a bad record. Almost the best in the PL. Wigan just 9 shots per away match.

On the balance of probabilities it can not be likely that this match will end in a draw.  But, don’t be surprised of there is not very much action in the first half because Tottenham have be scoring most in the second half of the match scoring just 0.8 goals per game during the first 45 minutes.

Tottenham score 1.6 goals per game at home whereas Wigan score 0.8 and concede an average of 1.8.  Tottenham also win more corners and have more possession.

Advice.  Tottenham V Wigan is the best Premier League game to trade this weekend.  For bet trading tips read the other posts to learn how to profit from trading football on Betfair.

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