Wolverhampton Wanderers play Manchester United at home on Sunday March 18th, kick off 1.30pm. This football trading match preview offers some ideas for trading this game on Betfair. Why this game? Well, it’s a dead cert isn’t it? Not quite, but, it’s lends itself for some high confidence trading. Let’s see why.

Premiership games are good for bet trading because there are lots of stats available for these teams, which allows us to make some decent trading predictions. For instance, Wolverhampton have lost their last 5 games. In the Premiership Man United have lost just once in the last 5. Wovles concede an average of 2.1 goals in the Premiership and score 1.2 goals. Whereas, Man United score an average of 2.1 goals, and concede less than one goal per game. What’s more Man United are good at winning games away from home and have a large away team advantage.  Obviously the odds are stacked in the favour of Man United winning this match.

Eight out of ten games played by Wovles and Man United produce more than 2 goals. So it’s fair to say that goals are expected in this match.

Betfair trading tip

Forget about backing or laying either team in the win market because the odds will be too skinny. There is a strong favourite in this game and it’s very likely there will be goals. It is expected that Man United will score first which will make the draw odds swing upwards as the draw becomes less likely. Place a lay bet on the draw and wait for Man United to score. After they do the odds will swing up into profitable territory.

How to exit this Betfair swing trade

The exit strategy depends on who scores first. If it’s Man United the trade will be in profit straight away. Traders can trade out for a profit immediately or wait for the odds to get longer which will increase the profit from the trade: but risks Wovles leveling the score line.

If Wovles score first don’t expect the draw odds to increase very much if at all. In fact the chances of a draw will probably increase, because, it’s expected that Man United will level the scoreline. A trader could either exit the trade possibly for a small loss or hang tight and see what happens. Our advice is to exit for a small loss. Trading is all about playing the percentages and if Man United don’t score first as expected, it’s time to wait for the next trade.

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