The Bayern lose at home to Chelsea on penalties, following a 1 -1 draw at full time.  The game was a tight match and good for Betfair trading.  Tactically Bayern Munich had the edge of Chelsea, especially in attack.  Reberto Di Mateo must have known that Chelsea may have problems in a tactical battle with Bayern, so, he played a formation that was defensively solid.  The details of the formation are to important, but, it ended up being played like a 4 – 4 – 1 -1 which keeps lots of bodies for mid field battles and strong defending.   Excellent performances from the likes of Ashley Cole results in a goalless first half.  In fact no goals where scored during the first half.

A good game for trading the over / under goal market on Betfair. Following the tried and tested lay low at the begging of the game and wait for the odds to lengthen before backing later for a profit.  Big games like this often have odds that don’t reflect reality.  Odds of Over 2.5 goals where way under evens (2) and had lots of scope to increase significantly during the opening quarter of the game.

Over 2.5 goal odds increased as expected during the first 10 minutes of the match.  Then just carried on increasing.  After 20 minutes the trade was exited for a nice profit.  Leaving the trade open fro 20 minutes was a decision made only after watching the game and deciding that Chelsea where defending well against Bayern advances.  Bayern had the majority of possession in the first half.  Ultra safe traders should exit after the first 10 minutes and review the game.  Any traders new to Betfair trading should do this.

After a review of the game, another trade was placed by laying the Over 3.5 goal market.  Trading this market reduced the risks of the second half producing more than 3 goals.  As Chelsea tired Bayern (Muller) crept in a goal followed closely by a Chelsea goal (Drogba).  With less than 5 minutes remaining there was still every chance of another goal being scored which would have lost everything if Over 2.5 goals was traded. A good game for bet trading on Betfair.

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