Liverpool are currently 8 games deep into a 2019 Premier League winning streak.  Add in the previous season the total increases to 17 matches.  Pretty impressive but how does it compare to history?

In ascending order;

Manchester United – 12 wins (March -August 2000)

Chelsea – 13 wins (September 2016 – January 2017)

Arsenal – 14 wins (February – August 2002)

Manchester City – 15 wins (February – August 2019)

Liverpool – 17 wins (March 2019 – present) , now in the history books.

Chelsea currently has the longest record unblemished by a loss or draw to start a Premier League season.  Chelsea’s 2005/06 season saw 9 wins and was ended by a 1-1 draw at Goodison Park.  Matchday 9 sees Liverpool take on Manchester United at home on Sunday 20th October.  A victory versus Tottenham Hotspur at home in Matchday 10 will see Liverpool enter the history books for a second time when it comes to Premiership winning streaks.  Jurgen Klopp will surely have his team fired up for this challenge.

Other English Premier League records the Liverpool hold include the fewest home defeats in a season at zero for three seasons; 2008/09; 2017/18; and 2018/19.  We wouldn’t bet against Liverpool at home to Tottenham on the 27th October.  Most goals scored away in a season at 48 in the 2013/14 season.  Most points won in a season without winning the title at 97 in 2018/19.  Clubs that have never left the Premier League 1992/93 to date.

With the longer Premiership winning streak record already in the back of the net and the longest unbeaten record to start a season to be concluded after matchday 10, every match won is uncharted territory.

How to play this winning streak?  As the winning streak progresses the odds of a loss or draw increase and are possibility not reflected by the bookmaker odds.  Betfair offers odds to bet that Liverpool won’t win on the Betfair exchange.  A great staking plan, albeit one for the brave, is a martingale plan.  Start with a small stake and lay Liverpool, that is to say bet that they will not win their next match.  If they do win repeat the bet on the next match but double the stake, or, increase by a third if it’s easier to stomach.  Just hope they don’t go on winning for too long otherwise you’ll be betting the farm, so to speak.

What about an alternative to maringale staking?  Check out our latest review, on the blog.

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