Liverpool FC is one of the most successful clubs in England and in Europe with a huge fan base from all over the world. Liverpool’s supporters known to be very passionate about their club have endured years of hurt which has tested their loyalty having not won a Premier League title since 1990.
Liverpool have won other trophies but ‘true’ Liverpool fans seek success in the Premiership. Not to say that the many doubles and trebles Liverpool FC have achieved have not be serious highlights, but, Premiership titles have always alluded them. Witnessing Liverpool’s decline since Rafael Benitez’s era between 2004 and 2010, critics include questionable signings as a possible cause, it must be tough for fans.

The conclusion of another disappointing season draws near. Eliminated in both national cups and currently 7th in the Premier league. Let’s look at the current season. Compared to previous seasons, Liverpool enter the 2012/2013 campaign with much lower expectations. Kenny Dalglish left the manager post and was replaced by former Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers. Rodgers immediately got support from various football figures, like Jose Mourinho, who worked with him while being the manager of Chelsea. Rodgers wants to imply the tiki-taka style of football, something that was not seen in Liverpool since the Paisley years back in the late 1970’s.

After a difficult schedule and the worst start in the last 100 years, Liverpool’s game started to improve and the team currently has real chances of clinching the fourth spot that leads to Champions league football. Odds of Liverpool gaining a 4 place finish have shortened significantly since the start of the season.

Rogers arrived in the summer and has made changes to the team coupled with new singings. Poor transfer decisions made in the past form parts of the predicament that Liverpool find themselves in. Now with players that match the managers style a top 4 finish is within grasp.

Former Chelsea youngster Fabio Borini and Swansea playmaker Joe Allen have joined the squad. Sending Andy Carroll out on loan without bringing in a proper replacement may prove to be a big error. Suarez has been key to the team having a detrimental affect if he’s out of form. New signings in the Winter transfer window should solve this problem. Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea (has scored multiple goals so far) and Brazilian winger from Internazionale, Philippe Coutinho, are both very offensive players.

Liverpool needed a winger and several players where connected to that position, after the demands from Blackpool’s Thomas Ince were too high, Coutinho was signed.

[quote]A versatile player with great vision is exactly what Liverpool need to add depth to their squad [/quote], some fans say. Several young players have emerged to first team, including Sterling, Suso and Wisdom, so watch this space.

Liverpool played against Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal in a very short period of time and now have their hardest fixtures behind them. Winning two points (2 losses and 1 draw) from those games may seem like a good result considering all where played outside Anfield. With fewer difficult fixtures until the end of the season Liverpool are one to watch and more difficult matches may produce surprising results, first against Tottenham and later in April against Chelsea and in early May against Everton. All to be played at Anfield.

Whether recent changes to the team will translate into Liverpool getting to fourth spot this season or next is anyone’s guess.  Back your opinion.

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