Corner Betting Trends and Tips

When choosing to bet on football matches it is worth checking for current trends in the market you are exploring. This article will focus on the Premier League corner betting market.

The general benchmark for corners per game is 10.5 and you can bet on over or under this amount or you can explore the various spread betting options available. Bookmakers will also allow you to bet over or under on different corner values e.g. 7, 10, 13 etc.

The Premier League team with the lowest overall corner count is Newcastle. Home and away games involving the Geordies average just 9.6 corners per match. When this is broken down the stats reveal that a low average corner count of 8.4 in away games is the main cause of this low value. If we only look at home games then the figure is close to the benchmark at 10.6.

Only one team falls beneath the 10.5 benchmark for both home and away games and that is Arsenal. Home games involving the Gunners have an average of 10.2 corners and away games have an average of 9.5. Games involving Arsenal represent the best overall option when betting on under 10.5 corners but you must always take the opposition into consideration as well. So let’s do that now.

Only 8 Premier League teams have a total average corner count below the 10.5 benchmark and they are (lowest first):

Newcastle (H 10.6; A 8.4; Total 9.6)

Arsenal (H 10.2; A 9.5; Total 9.9)

West Brom (H 9.1; A 10.8 Total 10)

Hull (H 9.6; A 10.5; Total 10.1)

Aston Villa (H 10.6; A 9.9; Total 10.3)

Stoke (H 9.7; A 11.1; Total 10.4)

Southampton (H 10.5; A 10.2; Total 10.4)

Man United (H 10.4; A 10.5; Total 10.4)


Looking at games between these teams will increase your chances of success in the under 10.5 corner betting market. For example, an Arsenal away game (9.5 average) against West Brom (9.1 average) will give a very good probability of under 10.5 corners.

The other 12 teams in the league all have a total average of over 10.5 corners per game. So let’s take a look at the teams with the highest corner counts. Fulham lead the way with an average total of 11.8 corners per game. This is split with an average of 12.5 at home and 11.1 away.

The top 9 teams in the corner league are (highest first):

Fulham (H 12.5; A 11.1; Total 11.8)

Cardiff (H 11.6; A 11.8; Total 11.7)

Man City (H 12.8; A 10.7; Total 11.7)

Norwich (H 11.9; A 11.5; Total 11.7)

Tottenham (H 11.8; A 11.7; Total 11.7)

West Ham (H 10.4; A 12.5; Total 11.4)

Swansea (H 11.0; A 11.4; Total 11.2)

Chelsea (H 11.1; A 11.1; Total 11.1)

Everton (H 11.3; A 10.9; Total 11.1)

Games between these teams will have a good chance of producing over 10.5 corners. You can also find opportunities for different corner betting options. For example, Man City at home to West Ham would be a good option for over 12 corners.

The average corner total of the remaining three teams falls between 10.5 and 11.

Liverpool (H 10.9; A 11.2; Total 11)

Crystal Palace (H 10.4; A 11.6; Total 10.9)

Sunderland (H 10.9; A 10.8; Total 10.8)

If Crystal Palace are playing at home against Newcastle you would be inclined to back the under 10.5 option but if they were playing away to Norwich you would back the over 10.5 corners option. This example show why you should always break down the total corner stats of both teams into home and away values to give you an accurate picture of the most probably outcome.

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