Euro 2012 England’s first game in the Euro 2012 tournament kicks off Monday 11th June.  One of the biggest questions hanging over England at the start of the tournament is will they knock themselves of the podium of most over rated team over the last 30 years of Euro history.  The omens are not looking good.

England start the tournament with without key players (Rooney, Cahill) and are missing key mid fielders and defenders in Lampard and Ferdinand.  There is a small chance that lacking Lampard and giving new strikers a chance might free up the team to play more free flowing football. Time will tell.

A recent survey of 7 successful football tipsters founds that 3 out of seven rank England the most overrated team for Euro 2012 with England getting the most votes.   Other teams that where mentioned included Spain.  Spain was thought as being overrated based on the odds available for a tournament win.  Being a clear favourite Spain has been heavily backed to win the tournament which has artificially reduced the odds.   Get the full report for free.

 England Vs France Euro 2012 betting tip

England have a 820 mile journey to get to the first game against France in Donetsk.  France on the other hand are actually training in Donetsk and don’t have to big journey.  The manager Laurent Blanc has combined minimal travel with top class accommodation.  Who knows if this will have an effect on the first game but it’s certainly worth considering.  Although, Denmark had a big journey to meet Holland but it didn’t stop them winning the game.

Most websites are in English and the English Premier League is massively popular which can paint a false picture of the overall quality of the English team.  Betting England not to win the first game of the Euro Championship on Betfair is a good choice.  As an overrated team odds for England to beat France will be too low.

For readers who do not know Betfair it is a betting exchange where members can bet teams to win and not to win.  England’s odds of a win might be 3.2 which would give 22 pounds profit on a 10 pound bet.  Odds for England not to win might be 3.25.  A member who bets 10 pounds that England will not win risks 23.50 if England win.   It’s cool and what makes it even better is Betfair’s ‘cash out’  button.  Bets can be ‘cashed out’ early for a easy profit.

For instance, if after 45 minutes no teams have scored the odds that England will win the game increase significantly making the bet profitable.  The ‘cash out’ button shows the profit on the bet in real time.  All members need to do click it.   If England score a goal the bet can be closed early to reduce the loss.  Get the Betfair betting bonus to get new account.

Find out what a survey of 7 professional tipsters said about the Euro 2012 tournament

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