As exclusive partners of Smart Betting Club Let’s Compare Bets has been given a free copy of the Euro 2012 football guide.  What do I know now that I didn’t before.  Quite a lot.  The most likely winners are obviously Spain but they may also be the most overrated based on the current odds.

Battling against teams like Germany and the Netherlands Spain could be worth a lay on Betfair at current odds (visit the site for a quick explanation of lay betting) with an aim to ‘cash out’ the bet later.  There will be plenty of trails and tribulations along the way which will cause the odds to change. Germany and the Netherlands have a much harder group than Spain which could mean a nice opportunity for dutching Spain, Germany and the Netherlands for different tournament bets.  I could be getting carried away with the opportunities.

The Euro 2012 football guide is packed with great research and contains great tips for tournament bets and answers questions like who will be the tournaments top goal scorer?  Each tip is backed up by thorough analysis and in depth research.

The level of analysis is shocking

says our researcher Jim. How else would we know the travel schedules of the top Euro teams. For instance England face 820 mile trip to meet France in the opening game in Donetsk. Sensibly the French have decided to base themselves at Shakhtar Donetsk’s Kirsha Training Centre. France don’t have to travel very far for their first to games which could really give them the edge in group D.

Smart Betting Club has interviewed and researched the top five football tipsters for Euro 2012. The top five tipsters have increased subscribers betting banks by an average of 86.4%.

Get thoroughly researched tips for winners, most over rated teams, top goal scorer and more from the Euro 2012 guide, and, access to the top 5 football tipsters available for 2012. Get your free copy.

Betfair is a favourite of Let’s Compare Bets, the best odds on the internet, the option to bets teams not to win (a lay on England is probably one of the most dead cert tips out their for the tournament – experts writing for the Euro guide don’t rate England’s chances of winning Euro 2012 at all!), the ability to ‘ cash out’ bets after the odds move in a profitable direction.  What’s more new members get an great betting bonus which will refund loosing bets.

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