Free football tipsters are normally without exception not really worth following. After spending hours searching online or getting ideas from people on forums it just all turns out to be a disappointment. By the time you find them they are misfiring. It is a difficult task to recommend the top 3 football tipsters. As editor I know you’d need at least 12 months to make a lofty claim like that. We just don’t have the resources to do that.

Luckily Smart Betting Club used just some of their extensive resources and have featured the top 3 betting tipsters this month in the Smart Betting Club Magazine. The magazine often features reviews and advice on which tipsters are currently the best. What make this edition different is that they are all 100% free to follow. Here’s a snippet of information about each tipster.

Tipster 1 is a Football Betting guru with a very profitable record both backing and laying in the English leagues. Since the start of the 2010/11 season, his lays alone have clocked up a 11.62% Return on investment. A figure even more impressive when you consider the average lay odds he takes on is around 1.61 (8/13 in fractional odds).
Exploring further, his Football League tips have also performed very well with a £1,514 profit at £50 level stakes since the start of last season.
All his tips appear for free each week and the review has the full lowdown on his long-term performance. To make lay bets you’ll need a Betfair account if you don’t already have one.

Tipster 2 is the 2nd free service from a well respected ex-bookmaker who has been turning excellent profits from his long-shot racing tips during 2012. He has clocked up a profit of £2,625 at £50 Level stakes at a Return on Investment of 20.1%. His profits put many paid-for tipsters in the shade!
The review has full analysis of his long-term results, plus stats on where and how his best profits are made.
Note – If you enjoy this tipster, then you will want to check out their equally profitable sister service, which Smart Betting Club first reviewed in June 2012. It too has made a profit of £2,910.50 at £50 level stakes since October 2011 and is strongly recommended. Full details can be found in our June magazine (available for free to all SBC members).

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]The Fink Tank football system made £74 pounds from £1 level stakes.  Smart Betting Club are giving away free copies of the Fink Tank betting system.[/box]

Tipster 3 is yet another free racing tipster, who’s profits we have been quietly tracking for the past 12 months. At £50 level stakes, this tipster has made a £2,350 profit at a Return of Investment of 10.63%. His speciality is both All-Weather and Jumps racing, making it an ideal time to start following during the Winter months. Once again, full details including results in detail are available in the SBC review.

Smart Betting Club have been helping punters get more from betting with out needing to spend hours creating systems and learning form. These tipster services are a valuable addition to anyone’s betting portfolio. Members of Smart Betting Club get access to the whole back-catalogue. Learn more about Smart Betting Club by visiting the review, or go straight there now.

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