The Netherlands have started the FIFA World Cup in style.  Combining the experience of Arjen Robben and Robbin Van Persie with a youthful defense, the manager Louis Van Gaal has produced a team that has topped Group B in style.

Another high scoring game against Australia show cases the attacking partnership.  Allowing the Australians to score two goals cast some doubt on their World Cup chances.  We don’t buy this.  It can only serve as a wake up call to the teams less experienced (defensive) players.

The Netherlands where 14/1 on Betfair at the start of the tournament.  (I was lucky enough to get a sneaky 100 GBP on The Orange.  Odds of 10/1 are still available on Betfair.  As The Netherlands progress their odds will drop, allowing punters to ‘Cash Out’ early before the final (after placing a bet on the Betfair exchange, members get a big yellow button giving the profit or loss to ‘cash out’ early).  Let’s reach into the future to see what may happen.

A look into the future with Holland’s permutations; who will The Netherlands play at the quarter finals?

Mexico play The Netherlands next, 29th June 13.00.  If they win this match they will play the winner of the match between Costa Rica and Greece in the Quarter Finals.  Costa Rica have been a surprise success in Brazil beating Italy and Uruguay; LetsCompareBets expects it will be Costa Rica that will meet The Netherlands at the quarters.

So who’ll play Netherlands in the Semi Finals?

First the runner up of Group E; Switzerland will play the winner of Group F; Argentina.  Let’s assume Argentina will win this game.  Argentina will progress to play the winner of the first round of knockout games between Groups H; USA and G;  Belgium.  European teams with top flight players consistently beat the USA in competitive international games, so let’s assume Belgium progresses to play Argentina.

If things go according to (our) plan The Netherlands will play either Argentina or Belgium in the semi finals of the FIFA World Cup.  Argentina are a force to be reckoned with and are likely win.

A semi final between Argentina and The Netherlands looks likely.

Any punter who bet The Netherlands would win the World Cup at much longer odds at the start of the tournament on Betfair should consider ‘cashing out’ for a nice profit at this stage.

Who could The Netherlands play at the Final?

That depends on what happens with the other 8 teams.  Brazil play Chile to decide who meets the victor of Columbia v Uruguay in the Quarter final.

Meanwhile France will have played Nigeria  to decide who meets the winner of Germany V Algeria.

With the controversy surrounding Suarez, Brazil’s Neymar may get the upper hand putting Brazil through to play Germany at the semi final.

Considering Brazil’s performance so far, let’s assume the hosts are knocked out out by an efficient German or a fiery French side at the quarter final.

The outcome for here on is not so certain, but, the permutations can not go this far without a prediction for the final.

The Netherlands finally meet Germany (or France) at the final to decide who lifts the World Cup.

Lot’s of opportunities to ‘cash out’ on Betfair along the way.

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