The Fibonacci sequence of numbers has been applied to many settings. Borne in mathematics it has found uses in computer algorithms and relationships in nature. Think branches in a tree, fruit spouts of a pinneapple, and the arrangement of a pine cone.

And now…. to betting!

The sequence has been adapted for use with staking plans. So, do Fibonacci staking plans work?

In the right setting they do work. Some say they are high risk because it is a type of progressive staking the involves increasing the stake rapidly after loosing bets. This Fibonacci staking plan works best on football when the strike rate is more than 50%.

This is how it works,

First the sequence

1, 3, 5, 8, 11, 15, 20

One point bets until there is a loss. When there is a loss do the following you move up the sequence. Loss number 1 bet 3 points, if there is a consecutive loss, stake 5 points, an so on (consecutive results only).

Betfair is recommended for Fibonacci staking as we think Betfair is cool (and Betfair is explained here).  BSP below means Betfair starting price (the Betfair odds at the start of the match).


BSP 1.01 – 1.74 = Down the sequence 1 step
BSP 1.75 – 2.49 = Down the sequence 2 steps
BSP 2.50 and above = Reset

Fibonacci staking well worth using on well researched tips, like those found at Let’s Compare  Subscribe to our posts using the links top right.

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