Swansea are loosing their shine but are still fighting strong with a hard fought draw against Reading. Arsenal came back from the dead to beat West Ham. Tottenham and Man United continue their recent show of form. Most exciting has been Tottenham’s first victory away to Man United at Old Trafford for 23 years! But, what about some vital betting stats?

Bore draws have happened for every team in the premiership except Man United. No team has gone without drawing in the English Premier League for countless seasons. For the past two seasons the longest a team has lasted without a draw has been 8 games. You’ve guest it, Man United’s next game against Stoke is their eighth, and the odds for a draw look tasty. The longer they go without drawing the better the odds get. Great for progressive staking.  Chelsea vs Man United on Sunday 28th October might be the time for a draw.

The key stats for Premiership betting are…

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  • 33 home game unbeaten in the Premier League for Man City.  Awesome.
  • Sergio Aguero, goals and the Eithad Stadium equal 17 goals in the last 19 Premiership appearances for Man City
  • Every other team in the Premiership has conceded a second half goal so far this season except Chelsea.
  • Arsenal have won more than 10 corners in all 4 of their away games.
  • QPR just can’t keep a clean sheet when they play away.  In the last 20 Premier League games.
  • West Brom have won the last 4 away games.
  • Surprisingly Liverpool can’t win at home – 4 games in a row
  • Everton have won every game except one in the last 16
  • In the dog house, Reading, QPR, and Norwich just can’t get a win so far this season.
  • Fulham’s games have given over ‘2.5 goals’ in 7 out of 7 games so far.


Betting suggestions to follow.  Stay tuned.  Get the latest independent tipster reviews from Smart Betting Club if you can’t wait for tips.

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