Goal betting is a great way to increase the excitement of a football game. English football, and especially premiership football, over the years has become more and more of an attacking game.

In this post LetsCompareBets will compare a goal fixed odds bet to a goal spread bet. Spread betting is a great way to boost returns over traditional fixed odds betting.

The good thing about football goal betting is that goals produced by football matches can be predicted. First lets look at what makes up a football bet.

The event. A football game. Any league is good, in the UK or Europe.

The bookmaker makes a prediction. Normally Under or Over 2.5 goals. In other words 2 and below goals, or, 3 or more goals.

The sports betting fan (that’s right you and me). People involved in the betting market.

As we have mentioned the bookmaker places a cut off and prices a bet with fixed odds. Like this,

10/11 – Under 2.5 goals
10/11 – Over 2.5 goals

Sports spread betting companies work in the same way; they invite the bettor to place an Under or Over bet. In stead of pricing the bet with fixed odds it is priced using a spread.

So how can a spread bet give you 3 times the payout?

Here’s an example. 4th October, 2009, Arsenal played Blackburn, with Arsenal romping home with a 6 – 2 win.

£10 staked on an over goal fixed odds bet at odds of 5/6 would have produced £18.30 (including your stake). At the outset the potential winnings are fixed and you potential loses are fixed. In this example the goal bet would have returned a £8.30 profit.

In this game the third goal was scored after 30 minutes, thus, locking in the profit in only half an hour. But…. what about the rest of the game and all those other goals.

Compare to a fixed odds bet a spread bet is open ended. The same £10 placed with a sports spread betting company would have yielded £65. That’s is more than three and a half times the profit of the fixed odds bet.

The exact working of the result is not important here. Simply put, the bigger the difference between the sports spread betting company’s prediction and the final outcome the bigger the profit. All you have to do is predict whether the outcome will be above of below the marker. If you have analysed past average goal scoring performances of both teams and fancy an ‘over goal’ spread bet there’s a chance to cash in.

What about the downside?

With an over goal spread bet the risk is that the number of goals scored is below that of the sports spread betting companies prediction. This results in a loss. Worse still, there could be no goals scored at all.

Although, this is a bitter sweet pill to swallow.

The good thing about over goal spread bets is that the losses are limited because you never get minus goals scored! And, of course, if you have selected the right wager and don’t bet too much there shouldn’t be a problem.

So goal spread betting is a great way to boost our winnings on goal bets. The upside is limited only by the abilities of the teams playing. The downside is controlled and can be limited further by selecting the right teams to spread bet.

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