Yes, it’s Saturday night. Here we are writing about tomorrow’s football. Not because Let’s Compare Bet’s writers should be down the pub but because there’s not much time before the games; Sunday 17th 3pm. Hopefully visitors get to see this football betting tip before kick off.

If you’d had time to read some of the previous posts in the ‘what to bet on’ category you would have some key football betting information.


The game between Blackpool and Man City did in fact produce another low bookings points game. The only two cards went to Man City players, so, Blackpool keep their Halos when they play at home. The referee was Phil Dowd. So, 7 out of 8 of Blackpool’s games have produced low bookings points numbers and all 4 of Manchester City’s games have gone under 3.5 bookings points. On with the original post.

First lets look at the game between Blackpool and Man City. A very high number of both Blackpool’s and Man City’s football matches produce less than 3.5 cards or 35.5 bookings points (10 points are given for a yellow card and 25 points for a red card). What’s more all of Blackpool’s home games have produced under 3.5 cards. Man City players are well behaved playing away from home too. They have never fouled their way to more than 3.5 cards playing away. Yes, that’s right, Blackpool are playing Man City at home. That’s a massive under 3.5 card betting opportunity and a good free football betting tip.

A Betfair bookings points range bet could bag you a maximum profit of £63 for a stake of £2. A bookings points range bet works like this. Betfair give a bookings point range prediction. In this case it is 31.5 – 35.5 bookings points. If you ‘sell’ the bookings points the profit is the amount between the range and actual result multiplied by the stake. If there are no bookings points that would be £2 x 31.5 (31.5 – 0) = £63. That’s not a bad return. But, great returns don’t go without some risk. Imagine some of the players are having a bad day and go berserk. If the cards start flowing the potential loss is multiplied in the same way. Betfair have all the details and give a free bet to new customers which will help reduce any risk :).

If you are looking for a bet a little less racy than a range bet the following games show promise, Arsenal v Birmingham, Manchester United v West Brom, and Everton v Liverpool.

Arsenal v Birmingham – Over 2.5 goals
Manchester United v West Brom – Over 2.5 goals
Everton v Liverpool – under 2.5 goals

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