Premiership football is steaming ahead. Football betting trends get more entrenched the deeper we go into the season. The research our team has carried out using the internet as a resource has allowed us to get football statistics to make reasoned football betting tips. It’s easy to do, and great for picking the best goals betting, corner betting, and bookings point betting opportunities. For readers who have subscribed to these football betting tips welcome back, for those who want to subscribe use the subscribe by email or RSS (if you know what it is – it’s worth finding out because it makes getting Let’s Compare Bets posts and others very easy) links at the top right of the page. Right, on with a football betting guide to what’s recently happened in the Premiership.

Chelsea are kings – but don’t bother wasting you money now.

With Man United spluttering along at the top of the table Chelsea have increased their lead to move 4 points. The odds of Chelsea to win the tournament have shortened significantly during the course of the season. This shortening of odds created a betting opportunity in it’s self. For those interested in this read the ‘how to become a bookmaker series’ in the betting exchange section (under categories from the main page). Now Chelsea’s odds are far to short for match betting, but this far into the season the stats are becoming more and more reliable for goal betting and corner betting.

The football betting tips

First lets look at a profitable corner betting trend. Wigan Athletic play well defensively at home by stopping plenty of corners. They have a 100% record of stopping corners when playing at home. Their upcoming game against West Brom might be a chance to cash in on this trend. Don’t risk too much has half of Stoke’s games go over 10/11 corners: but these are probably against teams who are weak in defense.

An under 10 corners bet for Wigan playing at home to the right team is a good bet. Proof of this is Wigan’s recent game against Liverpool which produced 9 corners. The majority of Liverpool’s away game have produced less than 10 corners.

Time for an ‘Under 10 corners’ bet

UPDATE There where 9 corners in this match and would have been a winner.

On Saturday (12.45pm Sky Sports 2) Aston Villa play Manchester United. Playing at home Aston Villa just can’t stop winning corners. 5 out of 6 Villa home games produce more than 10 corners. What’s more Man Utd ratcheted up more than 10 corners in 100% of their games. An impressive feat. On average their corner numbers are both over 14 per game. After Man Utd’s 1 – 1 draw to Man City expect them to come out blazing.

For the best odds try Betfair. Click the link to see how their odds compare to the rest. Betfair are giving away free bets. In this case letting new customers profit from a solid corner betting tip. The corner betting options on Betfair allow you to guess that there will be 10 -12 corners or 13 or more corners. The odds on 10 -12 corners are normally higher. It is worth placing a small bet on 10 – 12 corners at higher odds and a larger one on 13 or more corners.

UPDATE Man City won 8 corners and Man United won 5. So the high corner trend is in tact.

Which teams look set to win most corners this weekend?

Corners numbers are a great way to see how well a team plays in attack and defense. If they win lots of corners they are an attacking team. If they concede lots of corners then they have a weak defense. Using corners won and corners conceded data the following teams look likely to win most corners this weekend.

Man City against Birmingham. If the team is likely to win more corners it means more goal opportunities. Man City would be a good match bet as well. Remember to keep the wager lower for a match bet. The corner trend is more strong. Although the odds for Man City to win are much better than the win most corners odds, a win most corners bet is probably better.

UPDATE Man City V Birmingham ended 0 – 0. A smaller bet here would have helped reduce the loss. But, Man City did win most corners.

Wolves look set to win most corners against Bolton, and Wigan is likely to beat West Brom in the corner department.

UPDATE. Both Wolves and Wigan won most corners.

What about goal betting?

West Ham against Blackpool looks likely to produce more than 2.5 corners, where as Everton v Arsenal, and, Chelsea v Sunderland, look likely give a under 2.5 goal result. Check out Betfair to see how their odds compare against normal bookmakers.

UPDATE A bad result all round for goal betting, all game produce the opposite of what was expected.

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