Bet365 has 35 in play betting markets and is one of the specialists amongst the traditional bookmakers. Anyone who has tried ‘in play’ betting will know it’s can be roller coaster ride. It call’s for quick decisions and needs the punter to be able to predict the out come of a game ‘on the fly’. There are lots of markets available, especially from the likes of Bet365, one of the web’s biggest and most well known bookmakers. In play betting or live betting as it’s known enables punters to make small bets in various markets in real time, not just a straight win but, total goals, which team will score next or booking points. This can be more fun and less damaging on the wallet when anything goes wrong.

For shrewd sports enthusiasts and clever punters alike it can be good for getting long odds for team’s to stage a come back from behind. Think football, tennis or cricket. Casting the mind back to the 2010 / 11 Barclay’s Premiership Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur did this on a couple of occasions.

For real adrenalin junkies the combination of live betting with the speed that mobile betting offers can be great entertainment. Bet365 mobile betting is worth a mention because they have improved the Bet365 mobile betting platform, which now offers better ‘in play’ betting with more markets. This is great for people watching the sport live, in the stand, or on court, or just watching it down the pub. Bet365 are promoting Bet365 mobile with a extra big betting bonus. Existing customers might have used this already, otherwise details should be awaiting you in the message inbox. New customers can get the normal Bet365 free bet, as well as the Bet365 mobile bonus, adding to the fun of mobile ‘in play’ betting. Worth a look.

Here’s the advert for ‘in play’ betting at Bet365. As the Bet365 advert says it’s a piece of cake.

Bet365 advert

Visit Bet365 to get more information, or let Ray Winstone tell you what live betting markets are available at Bet365.

Sexy Beast does an ad for Bet365

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