In the mad scramble for your business, betting bookmakers are offering more interesting markets to get you to use them over the competition.  New markets are great becuase the odds compilers may not be very experienced at pricing those sorts of odds and you can find some real bargins.

Here at Lets Compare Bets we will highlight various bookmakers and the interesting markets they offer, that many are not aware of.

Lets look at offer all the major markets you find with most bookies, but some that are not so common.

Match Bets are particularly good and they are available in the Corners and Bookings categories – which invites you to bet on which team will get more Corners or Bookings than the other.

Here is how you can boost your odds on Win Markets.

But the market I’m looking at today is the Win Margin. offer odds on the following Win Margins:

  • To win by 1 Goal
  • To win by 2 Goals
  • To win by 3 Goals
  • To win by 4 Goals

And so on.

Now, it might at first seem like a bit of a lottery. But there is some compelling ways to take advantage of this new market – particularly the To Win by 1 Goal option.

At the time of going to press Dec 2009 here are some stats about premiership teams you could profit from.

100% of Birmingham’s wins have been by 1 Goal – that’s 8 out
of 8 winning matches.

100% of Wolves’ wins have been by 1 Goal – that’s a 4 out of 4
strike rate.

100% of Hull’s wins have been by 1 Goal – again, 4 out of 4.

80% of Stoke’s wins have been by 1 Goal – 4 out of 5.

75% of Bolton’s wins have been by 1 Goal – 3 out of 4.

75% of Everton’s wins have been by 1 Goal – 3 out of 4.

So if you’re backing any of the teams above to win a match, check out the To Win by 1 Goal option – you’ll be offered significantly better odds.

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